I awoke last Saturday with a big surge of divine inspiration. I was hit with this thought. 2021 marked 25 years being a creative entrepreneur! I mean, really?

It truly didn’t hit me till then. It was one of those wake-up moments when this thing was right in front of you all along but it took weeks of being in discovery mode to land on THE idea that vibrated so high you felt it in your body. Can you relate?

I wanted a purpose this year that felt unquestionably authentic so I could step into inspiring thousands. Good lord, I’ve got stories of struggle to triumph, stories of my two businesses, breast cancer survival, raising a high achieving son as a single mother, four reinventions that were divinely guided, and so much hard-earned wisdom that I cannot wait to share.

New platforms are in the works. Maybe an IGTV series? Maybe a memoir? Speaking gigs. Stories of my client’s reinventions. It’s in the incubation stages but will soon be public.

This all aligns with my 2021 brand, “The year of Joy” and The Enlightened Visionary Leader all to serve you and expand your purpose on this planet. Exciting things coming! Stay tuned. 

The first of several new launches are coming this month. First time ever doing this type of event and collaborating with a client to bring you inspiration. I’ll give you a hint: Reinvention. Your moment of truth. 

Mark your calendar for the week of Feb 22. It’s a big deal. Eeeek!