Let opportunities find you. Now, that’s a flip of the normal approach, isn’t it?

I am sharing this from my mentor’s playbook. I heard it recently from her and thought, “Ohhh, I need to share this.”

I know this mindset may not be new, but certainly, like myself, a great reminder to stop the pushing and controlling.


Allow opportunities to find you instead of only making them happen, chasing after them.

I’m in. You, too?

Here’s what I came up with to get the ball rolling:

1. Shift your mindset and belief this week to focus on allowing fun, creative, and lucrative opportunities to find you rather than having the mindset that you have to make it happen. Instead, lean back. Receive. Chill out. Trust. Keep the vision alive through a daily affirmation, like: “I am a wonderful manifestor allowing incredible opportunities to find me.”

2. Start each day with an intention and high vibration visualizing and feeling something exciting is about to drop in your lap unexpectedly that will thrill you and align with what you desire.

3. Do not allow any form of ego-based negativity seduce you out of the belief or high vibration. Stand strong. You can be just as loyal to the “attracting” way of thinking and being as you are loyal, perhaps, unconsciously, to the habit of thinking you have to make it happen or worse, the negative stinkin’ thinkin’ approach that keeps you in low vibes.

Be in a state of allowing, receiving, and manifesting more often instead of a state of doing, making happen and control. That feels so much more dignified and fun, doesn’t it?

Be watchful. Our society’s imprint encourages us that unless we are making stuff happen, the doing, we won’t see results. Far from the truth and that creates a lot of guilt. I see it often with my business owner clients. They fall prey to the guilt when they are not “doing” something all-the-time.

This does not mean stop taking action and sit back and wait. Instead, it’s a masterful blend of both. The doing AND the allowing of exciting opportunities to show up.

Be careful, though, by being conscious of your feelings (the vibe) when going after something. Be sure you are not coming from a place of lack or some low-level energy, but that of faith, trust and gratitude AS IF it’s already here.

Finally, ask your higher power to join in with you knowing what you want to create and manifest is available.

Ready to make this a new normal in your life? Let’s get on zoom or phone and see what’s possible. I have plenty of options to choose from to be coached and guided after 25 years of living and working from this truth. I love to help you succeed in a new, innovative way. Email support@marladiann.com

Have a fabulous week!