What if you could find your way back home – to your truth – to your deeply rooted creativity that has been asking to be expressed?

It will take a creative breakthrough to make it happen. Here is Thea’s story. It illustrates what a creative breakthrough is and what I aspire for you.

My client is a founder of a non-profit whose mission is to uplift the next generation of women in music (performing artists) through education, experience, and role-modeling programs. After one of her creativity coaching sessions, she writes me an email,

“It was a time of revelation and REALLY digging deep with regard to my creativity. It led me back to the question we’ve been discussing: What do I passionately want to learn? 

While the ideas we discussed are all things I want to learn, but the passion or deep-rooted creativity was missing for me.  So, I meditated on this for a number of days. And that’s when it hit me. These are things I’ve been telling myself for 30+ years. It’s time to act on them:

1. I want to learn chord theory more in-depth for piano and guitar.

2. I want to learn how to be an award-winning lyricist. I used to write poetry all the time, including a few song lyrics. Haven’t done this in 15+ years.

3. I want to write (or co-write) a song based on what I learn and have a professional musician/band record it.

4. I want to finish the drafts for my book.”

Thea has since moved forward with plenty of action by making contacts, starting music lessons, and finding music collaborations.

That’s finding your way back home – to your truth – to your deeply rooted creativity that is asking to be expressed.

That’s the type of breakthrough I want for you in whatever form it needs to show up during my brand-new creation: Empower 2022 EXPERIENCE: A Collaborative for Creatives.

Your breakthroughs may be something entirely different. But it’s the honoring of your spirit by doing what brings you closest to your joy and what nourishes you at the core.

I have learned that to live an authentic, THRIVING creative life, we must honor our spirit by doing what brings us closest to our joy and what nourishes us at the core.

That is creative living. This is why I created EMPOWER 2022.

Starting Wed., February 2, 2022, we will begin to explore what makes you come more alive and vital.

As the group builds momentum, connection, and synergy, I aspire for you to be into play, imagination, creativity, adventure, laughter, fun, and spontaneity mode more often.

This is where creation is born; new ideas. This is about You, Your Creativity, Career, & Life – Reimagined in any way it will emerge.

This 90-day experience is not a coaching program.

Although when anything calls for guidance, I will give my best expert advice and coaching. Absolutely. However, the focus is on the conversation. Ideas flowing. Aha moments around your imagination. Sparks fly when you receive or give feedback. New collaborations. A high-vibe think tank.

My role is more of facilitator, adviser, coach, mentor.

The Collaborative is a gathering of aspiring and established creative entrepreneurs and professionals who desire collaboration, a sounding board, feedback, support, inspiration, and the building of new connections and friends in an intimate virtual setting where everyone is heard, understood, and supported.

I’ll have topics to inspire conversation and surprise guest experts.

But it’s you and your colleagues that will make it magical.

BEGINNING Feb 2, I want to help you kick 2022 into high gear so that by mid-year you are living and serving your creative breakthrough. (Details)

Because when it comes down to it, we are here to serve our best self so that lives are inspired.

My acronym for HOPE is HELPING OTHERS PROSPER AND EVOLVE. Let’s do this together in 2022. See you on Feb 2. Tell your friends and have them join you.

Joy & Prosperity,