with Marla Diann

A 90-Day Collaborative for Creatives

Starting Wed., February 2, 2022, we will begin to explore what makes you come more alive and vital.

As the group builds momentum, connection, and synergy, we will honor your creative spirit that puts you into play, imagination, creativity, adventure, laughter, fun, and spontaneity mode more often. This is where creation is born; new ideas.

What is empower 2022?

You, Your Creativity, Career, & Life Reimagined in any way it will emerge.

This 90-day experience is not a coaching program. Although when anything calls for guidance, I will give my best expert advice and coaching. However, the focus is on conversation. Ideas flowing. Aha moments around your imagination. Sparks flying when you receive or give feedback. New collaborations.

A high-vibe think tank kind of thing.

You know what I mean?

The Collaborative is a gathering of aspiring and established creative entrepreneurs and professionals who desire collaboration, a sounding board, feedback, support, inspiration and the building of new connections and friends in an intimate virtual setting where everyone is heard, understood and supported.

I’ll have topics to inspire conversation.

I’ll have surprise guest experts.

But it’s you and your colleagues that will make it Magical.

This collaborative experience is for you if:


You are a creative of any kind who has been in business or in a career 1-20+ years

as a visual or performing artist, thought leader, wedding and event professional, coach, transformational expert, image consultant, interior designer, fashion designer, writer, poet, author or content creator.


Feeling lonely, and crave interaction with other creatives


You want a more fulfilling life.

Meaning, how you interact with yourself and make intuitive decisions by doing what lights you up personally, professionally or otherwise.

You’ve had a good year of pure artistry and creative passion feeling fulfilled.

Now you are ready for that next level so you can have something new to marvel at!

You want a better understanding of the difference between a hobby, a job, a career and a vocation as a creative.

(There are definitive differences. This
one understanding will forever change how you live a creative life.)

You want to learn how to prioritize your own creative fulfillment so that you can better serve others.


You’ve had an idea for a while needing more exploration and a sounding board to speak your thoughts out loud.

You want to see it come to fruition, alive, and out into the world, but something happened along the way in the creative process to slow it down.

You want to strengthen your creative identity.

Featuring Marla at the Resin Gallery Hermosa Beach, CA and Featured Community Member: Minda Burr (jewlery artist)

Have you neglected your joy and what feeds your creative spirit lately?

Have you unconsciously chosen to live by society’s expectations and live by logic and practicality, no fault of your own?

Here’s what I know.

We push through life with a sense of duty and responsibility. We endure life rather than living it, leaving us temporarily starved for vitality, love, and enjoyment, even if on the outside it “looks” like we are successful and happy.

I have learned in order to live an authentic, THRIVING creative life and business, we must honor our spirit by what brings us closest to our joy and what nourishes us at the core.

I have been here many times. This is why i created EmpoweR 2022.

Every two weeks we’ll gather to renew our creativity.

Sampling of discussion topics:
  • How often do you “woo” your creativity?
  • How do I make listening to my intuition a priority and follow its guidance without fear and doubt
  • What do you most passionately want to learn for creative expression?
  • What is an entelechy and why is it so profound in identifying your true
    creativity and purpose?
  • How do you live a creative life driven by delightful curiosity rather than by fear?
  • Unleash your imagination to give you something to marvel at!

Featured Community Members: JoAnn Moore (luxury wedding planner), Veronica Puleo (singer), Josef Reiter (floral designer), & Kaysha Weiner (photographer)

What’s Included?

Empower 2022

Featured Community Members: Anza Hotel, West Hollywood, Thea Wood (Herizon Music founder), Indivisible Arts program and founder, Rafael McMaster

30-minute private welcome call with Marla to define your creative intention and get you ready for the experience.
Collaborative Zoom calls every two weeks, Wednesdays, Feb 2 – April 13 from 12-2 pm PT/3-5 pm ET to build momentum and inspire change.

Private FB Group where you can collaborate anytime with fellow creatives.

Empower 2022 fill-in pdf workbook to take notes and document your inspiration.
No homework! Only brief prep for topic discussions.

Private membership page for all recordings and handouts.


Marla’s NEW 10 FUN Ideas to Feed Your Creative Spirit


Exclusive Handout: Life Purpose Re-Imagined 2022


Exclusive Handout: How to Trust Your Intuition in a Logical, Intellectual Driven World

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Your Facilitator & Creative Living Mentor

Marla Diann

I am celebrating 25 years as a creative entrepreneur of two businesses. Since 2008, I’ve been transforming lives and businesses of creative entrepreneurs as an international success coach, business strategist, and transformational artist.

Prior to that I had a dynamic, very fun, and highly creative entertainment PR career that included my own PR company where I thoroughly enjoyed serving celebrities, visual and performing artists!

Creativity and joy are at the heart of everything I do. So grateful to be here to serve you in living and working more often in your joy and genius!

Can’t wait to meet and serve you in the collaborative!

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