Well, here we are. Two weeks into the new year. How’s it going for you? How would you measure the joy in your life on a scale  of 1-5, with 5 being the highest?

(Tip: keep raising that score by using the three tips I have in this blog)

Life is so precious. As I was in my sacred time Monday morning reading Gabby Bernstein’s Super Attractor book and The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, I glanced at my phone to see a notification about beloved comedian and actor Bob Saget who passed away suddenly on Sunday in his hotel room in Florida at the young age of 65. Heartbreaking.

We question our own mortality when these incidents happen and feel the pain of loss and compassion for these families. I was a fan of Saget’s work and watched Full House over the years on and off.

We also lost two of our iconic, dearly loved actors Sidney Poitier and Betty White in these past two weeks. Humbling. I grew up with these two incredible artists. You, too?

Three points to this missive: Identify the right goals as musts vs. wants; always rely on your higher power to navigate your life’s challenges and uncertainties; and practice EXTRA self-kindness daily by focusing on what brings you the most joy and peace in your heart.


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3 humbling life success tips to begin today:

1. When looking at your 2022 goals and desires list, take a deeper look by asking yourself, “Are these a want or a must?” I recommend taking a sheet of paper and drawing a line down the middle vertically. At the top of the left column, name it “wants” and right side column name it “musts.”

Go through your goals and take an honest inventory by listing each one as a want or must on the sheet of paper. I aspire for you to only go for the musts as your goals because the wants will more than likely not happen. If it’s a want, there is no deep commitment. However, when we tell our truth as to what is a must, we end up aligning with our higher power and Universal energy. This creates results we are most proud of.

2. From Gabby’s book, “Relying on a higher power keeps us connected to the spiritual realm and to infinite possibilities, synchronicity, and joy. Being guided doesn’t mean we give up our own decision-making ability, but it does mean decisions come more easily. We feel clear and directed rather than uncertain and hesitant. Relying on a higher power adds richness to your life because you no longer feel pressured to figure everything out. You can let go and allow.”

3. Get deeply committed to a daily practice of EXTRA self-kindness. Make a list daily in your journal of what is self-kindness for you. I have been doing this since Jan 1st  and it is life-changing while it keeps me focused on what brings me the most joy and peace in my heart, rather than being pulled in so many directions and seduced by all the distractions our over-stimulating world brings on daily.

I’d love to know your response to these three life hacks. Reply to me here! They will help you recenter and ground yourself to create the successes you most deserve.

With love and kindness,


P.S. I have learned that to live an authentic, THRIVING creative life and business, we must honor our spirit by what brings us closest to our joy and what nourishes us at the core.

This is creative living.

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