Position yourself as the go-to-expert


By Marla Diann, Personal Branding, Business Innovation Expert


I bet you are feeling the frustration, too.


It’s getting more and more difficult to STAND OUT in this ridiculously over-the-top online density and make the IMPACT you want, right?


I hear you. I tend to have the same issue even as a branding expert and that’s why more than ever I stay on the cutting edge and learn from my mentors to enhance my current expertise and strategies. This is a must in today’s branding to remain innovative so it positions you as credible and as the go-to-expert. There is just way too much “density” and it’s not letting up. So it’s time to UP your game and anticipate the road ahead.


Turn your personality

The one consistent dilemma, however, is how to stand out when there are so many “just like you.” There may be experts similar to what you do; but there is no one like youever. And here’s why.


I cut to the chase and work directly with two VITAL elements that will unequivocally raise your standards in branding, influence and impact AND help you stand out in the density. These two crucial elements are your money relationship and your brand story.


And not just ANY brand story. It’s a story that humanizes your brand creating the know, like and trust factor causing your avatar to take an action be it sign up for a consultation, follow you on social media or opt-into your email list.


These two vital elements are what make you genuine, believable and relatable. Let me give you a peek into what you will learn in my webinar “Turn Your Personality into Profit: A Proven 5-Step Formula Positioning You to Impact Lives on a Grander Scale Paying You Higher Revenues”  on Feb 24th at 9 am PST. Register here!


I coach and mentor creative women and men business owners how to create or reinvent a compelling, bold, congruent personal brand with an innovative business model based on a healthy money relationship that generates quality leads and clients for higher revenues.  It’s based on this: Branding is who you are; not what you do.


The Brand of YouI aspire for you to EMBRACE your SPOTLIGHT with confidence grace and dignity, be known as the leading expert in your industry, live with integrity, own your worth and earn the money you so deserve.  My proven system helps business owners clear their money clutter (emotionally, mentally, and physically) so they can show up in their brand as the dignified, inspiring, and talented people they were meant to be. (Getting the idea now?)


My premise for you is this:


If you are the brand – your voice, your essence, your values, passions, interests, talent, expertise, mindset YET you are out of alignment with how you are in relationship with money – you can’t be a powerful brand let alone an effective event industry business owner.


No worries. When you have the tools to transform those long standing, frustrating, oftentimes debilitating fears, behaviors, negative habits, doubts, shame, guilt, or lack mindset around money (Money clutter) – you literally evolve your money relationship into one that is confident, healthy, respectful, proactive, dignified and savvy.


And you begin creating the income you have craved for years in addition to being a BOLD, genuine, progressive brand that your market resonates with.


So why should we examine our current money relationship and why is transforming it into a healthy relationship THE catalyst for a thriving brand?


When we transform our money clutter – we live more intentionally and congruently and make more quality decisions – and generate more income. Do you think that raises the bar on your brand presence, perception, positioning and impact? Absolutely.


Here’s a few of many examples of money clutter – money drama:

  • Under charging
  • Deciding ahead of time what you think your prospective client can afford
  • Giving discounts when they ask for it
  • Not looking at bank statements (avoidance),
  • Trading- bartering too often
  • Giving away too much of your time


When one of my clients had boundary issues, but was willing to confront a colleague who owed her money from a few years back, her whole confidence soared. I challenged her to find this person and ask for the money. The real purpose was not so much getting her money returned (it was a small amount) but to expand her boundaries in all areas of her life; taking a stand for herself and building her confidence.


Mission accomplished. She said in our follow up call she would have never done that had she not been challenged and held accountable. As a result of a new self-worth she eventually moved into a beautiful new office from a dysfunctional set-up and environment that affected her work flow and income. And she was willing to show up more consistently in her brand content on social media and email.


Genuine, vulnerable, impactful, inspiring brands have healthy relationships with money – they value themselves and understand their worth – it’s all part of the evolution of who you become on your journey.


I’ll be giving you 5 tips to clearing your money clutter, 7 leading reasons why story telling (your story) sells and the 5 essential strategies to a thriving brand and profitable business on Feb 24th.  We’re here to make an impact large and small. Let’s do it together and stand out in the density!


Branding is who you are; not what you do.


Come join me and your event industry colleagues as trail blazers who are out to win in this game of branding with integrity and authenticity! Register Now!