I know hiring a team and setting up structures and systems is SO NOT the sexy part of running a creative business!

But, hands-down it is your ticket to FREEDOM to live and work more often in your creativity and genius zone while taking back your sanity, recommitting to your self-care routine and making higher revenues (work less make more!)

Getting this one element right to consistently serve you well – will set you FREE from overwhelm, frustration at not getting to the creative projects and work you really want to do, and of course, personal self-care time.

(Learn to let go of so much control and you will be set free!)

I want you in your genius zone way more often making money in a joyful creative way rather than from the soul crushing overload of work (you are not supposed to be doing!).

You have an opportunity to get out from under the stress and that energy depleting work so you can feel liberated and supported.

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Hiring an A List Team is a starring role in your own personal and creative development for the growth of your business. (Personal growth always precedes business growth)

I am speaking to the 2-15+ year business owner who is frustrated with in-effective team members, or DIY mindset keeping you behind the eight-ball. You know you want to up your game in leverage and how to hire and delegate better!

You either have had less than optimal experience with virtual assistants or administration team members due to blind-spots in hiring, your own impatience,
uncertain leadership patterns or you have no proven system how to hire that 1 st VA/lead admin team member.

Why this topic?

All my clients have issues with this (like I did) and it’s always the sticky point in growth alongside their need to upgrade their wealth consciousness and sales

VIP client Veronica Puleo of The Replicas Music and Productions and Lee Dyson of Hey Mister DJ will be speaking about their behind the scenes experience with the proven hiring system.

My wish for you is to reach higher levels of happiness and creative fulfillment as you earn your living in a more joyful experience.

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