To make this easy, let’s call it, The Zen of Abundance and Prosperity in Three Steps.

As you are thinking about how 2022 could look and feel differently for you, use these steps and you will be well ahead of the game.

1. In order to make room for more prosperity in 2022 in any area of your life, think for a moment what do you want to release personally, business-wise, family, relationships, and/or financially from 2021 that you won’t bring into 2022? First thought is always the right one. Write it down. Claim you are releasing it.

2. Understand the difference between Abundance and Prosperity and how they actually work together. Make a new normal of this habit.

Abundance consciousness on a regular basis must precede the manifesting of prosperity of any kind before you see results, regardless of appearances.

Consciousness mindset is the cause, whereas prosperity is the effect.

The two co-exist together. The key is they have different purposes.

  • Abundance is a universal principle and it is present everywhere; it is the energy of unformed substance (cause), of more than enough of whatever you can imagine as possible.
  • Prosperity is the specific physical form (the effect) from the abundance principle.

POINTS to ponder:

  • Abundance is the belief in more than enough.
  • The universal principle of abundance plays no favorites.
  • It has no bias and is equally available to every human being on the planet. (Quantum physics).

3. The third part of this formula is your feelings vibration. A frequency like a radio wave. The language of Universal frequency is feeling. Our feelings have a vibration because we live in an energetic Universe. Everything is made of energy. Electricity is unseen energy. You can’t see it but when you plug into it, the power turns on.

    Similarly, like a radio, you tune into the channel you want on the radio, Pandora, Spotify, or Sirius XM. You don’t tune into a country music station to listen to Hip Hop music.

    Think of something you want to manifest – what does abundance of that feel like?

    Let’s say it’s money. It feels like: excitement, happiness, freedom, security, peace, calm, liberation, gratitude, and appreciation. Can you think of times you have felt this in any situation, not just for money? Feel that feeling as you think of what you desire to manifest. Live in it AS IF it’s already manifested.

    You are placing yourself in the vibration of Source, universe. It communicates in vibration and thought.

    It is only our lack of consciousness, thoughts of not enough, thoughts of separation from what we desire, is the block from having opportunities, people, ideas, money, happiness, show up as prosperity.

    So, as you are thinking of abundance, you must be in the feeling vibration of what you want to manifest. Focus. If you forget, just recommit and keep recommitting till it’s a consciousness.

    So, the formula to manifest prosperity of any kind, we must hold the belief we live in an abundant world regardless of appearances. And, feel the feelings of that which you want to manifest.

    Being loyal to what can be vs what is not visible in your path to abundance.

    Give it whirl! Make this your new normal for 2022. Email me with questions! Let’s see how it lands.