My dear creatives,

Would you like to know the secret to allowing room for inspired ideas to show up?

Evaluate and prune the busyness in your life, then create white space in your calendar for inspiration to breathe. Literally, block out time on your calendar for inspiration to show up. Stop the busyness for that time period. Lean back. Allow. Receive. Intend.

I know that can be tough. It’s just an old habit that is needing change. Nurture it. Love on it.

The doing, doing and doing is not our best friend. You don’t get more done by working more! In fact, that stunts and blocks our creativity.

Instead, apply these five entrepreneurial spiritual practices to your life and observe how you feel. We are looking for you to be less anxious. More graceful. More dignified. Less in overwhelm.

Do less, attract more.

1. Make prayer first when beginning a project or goal, not in the 11th hour.

2. Inspire attraction by leaning back rather than always in doing mode. Trust.

3. Make receiving and allowing your new normal. Receive ideas, love, support, gifts, money, laughter and so on. Be in the receiving mode more often than control trying to make it happen.

4. Stop pushing. Enough said.

5. Master the blend of the masculine and feminine principles and energy of life. Operating too much in structure, discipline, strategy, linear, logic, reason for an extended period of time leads to burnout. Allow play, fun, adventure, imagination, joy, desires, artistry and more to be woven into your day.

    Will you let me know how it goes?

    Much gratitude and love,