Happy May! How are you? Glad the first quarter is done? I am! Now we can move into momentum and more joy.

How fun it is to be in springtime now! I love this time of year. You, too? Everything feels bright, robust and all the flowers are in bloom everywhere! 

The theme for May is Follow Your Joy! It coincides with my soon-to-be launched new podcast finally making its way to the airwaves and internet! 

The premise to Follow Your Joy speaks to your inner GPS. When we listen to what lights us up more often, we can eliminate burnout, overwhelm, and frustration from doing things that are not typically aligned with our joy and higher revenues. And, if not followed, possibly not living the life we desire.

Not following her joy that leads to higher revenues (and a more solid wealth consciousness) happened to my visionary entrepreneur and XR/AI Immersive Strategist client, Kathleen Cohen, when she realized how she was limiting her creativity and how she got paid for that. Her story.

Joy is not to be relegated to just a good feeling. It’s a beautifully proven life strategy. When we follow our joy and say tuned into it, you will live a more authentic life meant for you. The key is intuition will tell you to keep doing whatever brings you the most joy.

Here is one of many business strategies that when applied, fits into the Follow Your Joy theme. See if you can find it.

Let’s talk about “working less and making more” strategy.

The blog article I wrote months ago explains this scenario. I walk you through a business model that at first seems abundant and flowing with clients. But when I looked closer, this earnest entrepreneur was not as leveraged as she could be. Which means her calendar, more than likely, is much too full with little time for life balance.

But you take a look. Add up the numbers as I did. See if you agree. I aspire for you to work less and make more in your business by offering worthy rates with less clients. That makes for a quality life.

Here’s to a spectacular week!