EmpoweR 2022
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It’s a beautiful day to be alive! 

I want to walk you through a scenario about leverage and working less to make more. Regardless of your industry, and how and what you charge, this is a good reminder offering higher fees as a service-based business creates more leverage and less work. (Your value and your clients create better results). 

I aspire for you to have more time for yourself, family, vacations, and more. Here is how this transpired last Saturday when I explored the services of a practitioner who specializes in Past Life Regression. 

I sent an email requesting more info about her scheduling protocol and fees. In a nutshell, the assistant, (I think it was the woman’s husband who is her partner) was prompt and thorough. 

What caught my attention being a business coach was this. He wrote, “Dr ___ is booked two months in advance and she charges $325 a session for 90-minutes.” He also mentioned she works M-Th if I remember correctly. Ok fair enough. Good rate considering I have seen higher rates for many types of modalities.

I’m thinking, wow she is popular! Which I knew going into the inquiry. Booked two months in advance. Hmmm…

Then, for fun I sat there calculating if she does three sessions a day @325 x 3 days – that’s $2925 a week. Not bad. That’s $11,700 gross a month for doing 9 sessions a week x 4 weeks = 36 clients in a month. (I do know she has another type of session for $500, but for illustrative purposes, we are using her $325 session). 

So, follow me here. I am thinking as a business coach, “That’s good consistent income with a two-month wait, making her sought out.” However, when I sat back and considered her calendar and leverage, I said to myself, “Gah, that’s a lot of work for $11,700 a month when she could have packages and higher rates with fewer clients.   

Based on the numbers in this scenario, she is approximately working with 36 clients a month. That’s a lot. I can’t imagine what her calendar looks like. 

Imagine if she could work with 1/2 of that – 18 clients per month because she raised her rates or better yet created packages. Now, what is her life balance like? Bless her heart. 

Well, obviously I don’t have more details about her business model, but based on what I pulled from one email, I am fairly certain it’s not far from what I explained here. 

She also may choose to not work much, so perhaps it’s less than my calculations. Either way, I felt this was a good scenario to encourage you about your worth, value, and leverage.  

But you know that. 🙂 

You are so worthy,