Who would have known 10-12 years ago a website called YouTube would create multiple million dollar ($14-$20 million earnings) online stars and catapult them to stratospheric fame and fortune in a short time frame (under a few years) AND many under the age of 30!

Unheard of during the 80s and 90s, right? It blows my mind knowing this option even exists. Having your own YouTube channel is a smart move today on any level and there are several ways to monetize it.

Let’s first look at the Forbes list of top earners from 2018. Spoiler alert: most are young guys in the video gaming industry. However, beyond this list, there are plenty other lifestyle YouTubers (not in gaming) who are making excellent income who are older, more relatable and more interesting. 🙂  I’ll give you my top three I watch on YouTube in a moment.

Take a peek at the top earners list.  It’s a bit startling to wrap my head around the large amounts they are commanding, but this is the power of pop culture on video and live streaming!

I am always fascinated with innovation. As an entrepreneur, I encourage you to keep your eye on what’s on the horizon and how technology will affect your industry.

I was incredibly curious to understand how these tubers make such enormous amounts of cash using video. To give you the most common ways to earn income on YouTube, I found this easy to read expert’s top 5 ways to monetize it.

I know the downside is the hard work to be a content creator often (sometimes daily) to build the momentum, subscribers, and credibility, but, hey, if you were able to make multiple millions inside of three-four years, would you?

My Favorite three:

I watch YouTube more often than Netflix now. It’s crazy. I actually choose to watch my top three favorite YouTubers over a Netflix or Amazon often. I highly recommend adding these three to your intake of lifestyle YouTubers and why:

Casey Neistat: What a hoot. This guy is the most adventuresome, crazy high energy, inspiring, entertaining yet humble and genuine tuber out there. His rag to riches story is very relatable. He literally was living off food stamps raising his son years ago. Today he earns multiple millions being Casey. He’s a filmmaker, so this YouTube thing was probably in the cards for him unbeknownst to him years ago. He did what others did; just started doing stuff on YouTube. And the rest is history. (He’s famous for his snowboarding stint being dragged by a police car during a snowstorm on the streets of NYC!)

Kylie Flavell: My favorite. Beautiful Kylie is a dreamer, artist, romanticist, inspirationalist and filmmaker. She loves humanity, travel, culture, Italy and filmmaking. Her story took her from Australia over 10 years ago to living her dream by moving to Rome, Italy and traveling beyond. She’s a MUST see.

Mimi and Alex Ikonn: The sweetest couple who take you on their adventures to Positano, Capri, Provence, London and more. Mimi is a well-known vlogger who is a mother of a two-year old and wife to Alex who is from Russia. They are endearing and do a wonderful editing job of their videos.

Who are your favorite YouTubers? I’d love to know!

Have an outstanding week,