The one magic tool to guarantee a successful, well-lived year is making a list of your top 10 values and live by them every-single-day.

 In other words, when you make decisions moment-by-moment based on your values as an inner GPS, you can count on feeling more confident, empowered, happy, and of integrity. That’s living a congruent life with what you say is important to you.

You feel on purpose and vital when clear about them. Your values reside in your subconscious. They help helm your life.

The symptoms of those who don’t live by their values are: drama, lack of enjoyment, mundane existence, discontentment, uninspired, confusion, and uncertainty, to name a few.

Posted near my desk in my office all year are my top 10 values as a reminder of what is most important to me. It keeps me in check during off days and accountable to what I say is vital for my happiness.

Funny thing is by year end, I review them to see how close my results came to my values. Every year, usually at least 5 of the 10 have been most predominant and achieved.

I highly recommend beginning 2021 with yours. This will give you a strong advantage when challenges come up and you are looking for direction. And, it will help you navigate uncertainty in a COVID-19-world.

Blessings of abundance & love,