Their stories will inspire, ignite and energize you.


I’m so pleased to give you the opportunity as a registered guest to meet my panel of experts and hear their real life stories on Sept 28th. These courageous creative women took the leap of faith to explore their challenges in order to move their businesses to the next level of success building a business on their own terms. During the workshop, we reveal their behind-the-scenes entrepreneurial journey at Manhattan Beach Country Club. (So incredibly proud of them!)




“Advancing Creatives to Higher Profits” workshop is for the creative entrepreneur typically in business for 2-6 years who is secretly craving to move to the next level, but can’t see the blind spots – and you are stuck.

You may have lost your passion for what you once loved because you are being underpaid and know you need to raise your rates to attract better quality clients – or – you have your rates in a good place but less than adequate clients who match your ideal client profile who are ready to pay your value and worth. Other challenges might be:    

  • Working harder but making less
  • Buried under too much work and little to no systems keeping the business running smoothly
  • You got into business to have more freedom for family time, but you are working more and less time with family
  • You know your boundaries with money, sales, client requests, and your calendar need an overhaul
  • You have a complicated, adversarial relationship with money filled with fear, worry, doubt, shame and guilt. You know this has to change if you are to increase your revenues and move to the next level.


These and more are VERY valid reasons to attend the workshop on Sept 28th. Run, don’t walk to register now.

All of these challenges plus more are the “before” stories of the panel. You will hear how they overcame fear of saying no and set stronger boundaries with clients, their rates, their self-worth in their relationship with money, and building a confidence and dignity they never had.


Here’s what I know and have experienced…life will begin to shift in positive ways when you make the decision to register even before the workshop begins. That’s the power of intention I talk about in the workshop.

Click here to read more about the panel, registration and then recommend two friends to attend with you.


Creatives from all over the country are encouraged to attend. How much is your happiness, fulfillment and business success worth?


Prosperity and abundance always,

 marla sig