As you begin to plan for 2021, I have a few creative ideas to throw into the mix. Share your answers below in the comments!

 We have a clean slate ready to be colorized, energized and activated. Using your intuition, not logic, answer the following questions. When I recommend intuition, I mean sit quietly, ask your higher power for support. 2020 has been a year like never before and you deserve to have 2021 be the year of miracles.

 The first question is very powerful. When we claim an intention for the year with one word, it will begin to show up in magnificent ways. Stay committed.

Here goes:

1.) What one word would summarize your intention for 2021? Choose a word of the year. For example, mine is JOY because I committed to being in the JOY vibration by being disciplined in my focus and not allowing the negative to dictate my daily thoughts. From living in JOY more often, I attract more things to be joyful for.

The answers to these can be for personal or professional, mindset, habits, and/or behaviors.

2.) Name two things that worked for you this year and will you carry it into 2021.

3.) Name two things that didn’t work for you and how you will change it in 2021.

4.) I will be known in 2021 for: _________

There you have it! Seriously share with me your answers! Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a beautiful holiday,