It’s always a sweet reminder to be in a state of appreciation often, if not daily.

One of the reasons I adore this so much is that when we are in that state of appreciation, we allow our desires to manifest quicker and easier.

Appreciate what you have. Appreciate how far you have come. Appreciate the people in your life. Appreciate your body. Appreciate your mind. Appreciate your ability to love. Appreciate those who you work with. Appreciate the support system you have. The mentors, role models, anyone that holds you to the standards you are capable of.

As Christy Whitman, author, spiritual trainer, writes in her book, The Desire Factor, “To appreciate is to deliberately decide to stop, turn around, and with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, (not judgment) take in the broad view that is all around you rather than focus on the next destination that lies ahead. Look around your life as it exists right now and you are certain to discover countless realities that are now living that were once nebulous “someday” goals or desires.”

The energy (vibe) of appreciation is one of the most attractive, magnetic, and powerful energies in the universe. I recommend making this focus a new normal from today forward.

What can you do to begin to commit to that? Imagine having a habit, or more consistent habit, of appreciation.  The result? Happier. Improved relationships. Improved mental health. More efficient, faster way to manifest your desires. Attraction of unexpected blessings and miracles.

I appreciate you!

Have a peaceful but mindfully productive day,