When I mentor my clients on higher sales conversion, raising their rates or accepting higher caliber clients, they learn it always begins by exploring their own wealth consciousness. The first place most entrepreneurs look to when they are not bringing in the revenues to their liking – they assume it’s outside of them causing the challenge. No fault of their own. It makes perfect sense to start there.

However, my clients learn the key to upgrading their wealth frequency requires them first to look at how they are in relationship with money before looking at sales systems, lead conversion, etc.

I have them look at how do they feel about money? How do they behave with money? Is it respectful, attentive, trusting, kind, and an attitude of blessing? Do they invest in themselves? Do they avoid money conversations? Or do they look to improve their confidence by being brave and overcoming the fear in those conversations.

Then they learn it’s a daily discipline to work on this. Being a master of your money relationship is no different than mastering other relationships. Your money relationship requires attention, care, and nurturing daily as well as a look at to what level of wealth and luxury are you accepting into your life.

I am here today to compassionately and lovingly remind you the shift begins with your mindset and how much wealth and luxury are you willing to receive?

The NEW Renaissance Woman always looks after her wealth-being™ (well-being).

More specifically, how often are you taking exceptionally good care of yourself? How often do you give yourself compliments? How often do you acknowledge yourself for a job, event, experience or meeting well done? Or is the negative self-talk usually most prevalent?

The negative self talk is part of what author Gay Hendricks of THE BIG LEAP calls your Upper Limit Problem. It’s the act of diluting or minimizing our joy, happiness, and genius with worry, fears, unconscious self-deprecation, etc.

We sabotage our own happiness. I used to do this unconsciously. After my trip to Florence, I up-leveled in a major way. I feel the difference. ​It’s a calming. It’s a humbled confidence. A love for self.

Therein lies the power of my Joylation GPS Method™. When we can live more often in our joy without sabotaging it unconsciously, we are in a higher wealth frequency that allows us to accept higher worth for our value.

Bella, you so deserve this. But I know you need to embrace it first.

A sign you are on the way to higher frequency is you develop a more sensitive inner-barometer telling yourself when you are not honoring your talents, beauty, intelligence, and happiness. The tolerations become even more pronounced and you recognize what is healthy for you even more and what and who are not.

So, gorgeous, please begin with how you treat yourself and feed your wealth consciousness by the clothes you wear to the 5-star experiences you choose to the gifts you buy yourself to the places you travel to.

What 2 areas in your life are you willing to upgrade that will raise your wealth consciousness and what actions will you immediately take today and this week?

​Your business is waiting to shower you with the blessing of money!​

Your desires and dreams are meant to be manifested for your evolution. It’s time.

To your JOY and Happiness,