The key to attracting the higher paying client, not be afraid to ask for your real fees, and stand for your worth in money conversations is you must upgrade your wealth consciousness first. Below are powerful tips to keep you aligned and empowered.

  • In the sales scenario we attract who we are.
  • If you attract too many tire kickers and discount seeking low paying clients…that’s your level of wealth consciousness mirroring back in addition to your marketing strategy needing refining.
  • No longer dictate what you charge based on what you think someone can afford for your services. Own your worth and value by asking for what you know is the higher frequency rate.
  • Your only responsibility in the sales process is to own your value and worth; not be persuaded by someone’s money story requesting a discount. When you use my proven qualifying sales system, you won’t have prospects asking for discounts. It’s designed to offer a savings rate already.
  • Strategies to remain firm on pricing is a BIG one for ALL my clients. Pricing begins with your own money relationship and what you unconsciously feel you are worth.
  • What are strategies for remaining firm on pricing? The real question not being asked is— am I worth what I am asking and do I believe in my own worth and value?
  • Don’t buy into other people’s money story while in the sales process. Everyone has one and by cleaning up your own money story (habits, mindset, behaviors) you are able to spot others and not buy into their money stuff. No fault of anyone’s. (Send them silent blessings)
  • A sales funnel system that qualifies your potential clients will help you avoid this issue on having to stay firm. You are not meant to be available to just anyone who inquire about your services.
  • Potential clients must qualify to have a call with you by having automating a form on your website. Make it easy for them to fill out the form.
  • Please refrain from telling prospects all about you and your pricing in the first connection. You perpetuate price mentality by giving fee info without any value attached to it. Instead invite them to a scheduled call after they complete a questionnaire that qualifies them if they can afford your services.
  • High ticket fees and honoring your expertise during the sales process requires a relationship. Please don’t relegate your expertise to a price war in who can offer the cheapest. Instead market to and re-engineer your sales approach to attract higher end clients that respect value over price.
  • Discussing anything related to money is ALWAYS two-way respectful conversation via live video, phone or in-person. Learn to have empowering money conversations to be that 6-7 figure income earner.

What is your wealth consciousness? A private intro call can reveal the first of many breakthroughs. Email to schedule.

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To your worth & dignity,