If you were asked “what are your beliefs about affluence and wealth?” could you authentically answer that?


It’s not a trick question – but more so a check-in about the lens in which you see the world according to wealth and affluence. If you really thought about it – would your answer be more about the negative influence from society, media, friends and childhood imprints or a positive, affirmative outlook?


I had a smart, savvy woman client this past week unable to answer that question in a way that felt right to her. She literally said “I don’t know how to answer that. Wealth and affluence feels unattainable, difficult and unrealistic.”


I look for what is not being said when mentoring my clients  – what sits between the lines. It made perfect sense to me that she could not define it and I found her vulnerability a powerful statement to why women have an issue with embracing wealth and affluence for themselves. They are detached from wealth because they’ve had numerous influences that were not in alignment with who they are.


This is actually more common than you may realize.


wealth on your own terms


As I am on the front lines and in the trenches daily with my brilliantly creative and eager clients, I find more and more women having a very confusing, detached and uncertain view of wealth and affluence.


My point in this topic is encouraging you to define wealth and affluence on your own terms; not what society or media hypnotizes and seduces you with.  By exploring that – I know you will find how you have been misled and a solution is on its way!


It’s time to reveal your truth so you can embrace and receive wealth and abundance in your life. (This is one of many prosperity blocks)


Just as I gently instructed my client, I aspire for you to sit in a quiet place for a good hour and journal all the perceived beliefs you have about wealth and affluence. Your answers will be VERY revealing about the lens in which you see the world.


I encourage you to challenge those beliefs as untruths and find your own truth that is inspiring, affirmative and authentic to who you are. How would you want wealth and affluence to be in your life if you lived it in the most authentic way?


Here are a few tips for the women entrepreneur to begin that inquiry:

  1. How clear are you with how much total income you have coming in from your business and your spouse if you are married? Are you in relationship with your money or is it a fear-based evasive condition?
  2. How much savings do you need to feel secure, free, confident, and well taken care of?
  3. How much is too much in terms of living lavishly? How much feels right to you?
  4. Is there room for elevating your view of wealth and living lavishly? (Letting go of judgment and negative influences)
  5. If you could live a life of freedom and fulfillment, what would that really look like for you? This is on your own terms. Do you need the BIG house? Do you need all the trappings of “success?” Does health, love, a consistent flow of income from various investments, your business and your spouse feel more authentic to you?

There is no right or wrong answer. Wealth and affluence are subjective, however, being that money is a blessing; let’s look at the beauty of wealth and affluence as being a gift in your life.


Step into your power and be ready to receive the flow of riches however that may look for you.


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