Today’s topic is so befitting for our freedom on this holiday.

I wish you loads of fun and enjoyment with friends and family. I want to share a new, profound truth that will set you free.

There is always a spiritual solution to every challenge.

In my world, I’ve coached about the seduction of ego in how by listening to it will cause separation, disconnect, fear, worry, doubt, judgment, etc. The spiritual solution is recalibrating your thoughts to be more often in faith, trust and gratitude by recognizing when you are in ego and swiftly changing your focus.

Well, your next level of freedom is this…

The real problem with our ego based thoughts and patterns is not the ego, it’s actually that we believe them to be true. Rather than having more faith, trust and belief in Divine love, abundance, trust, appreciation, expansion, connection, gratitude, etc., we are drawn to the opposite.

Crazy, right?

We humans are so prone to the negative. It’s perpetuated with news, society’s status quo, and our culture. I say be a leader in faith by being the example and help improve lives by rethinking where your loyalty really needs to be, which is belief in the Universal Intelligence side of life.

This week let’s begin a movement.

Trust and faith,