Last Saturday morning, I was so stinkin’ excited!

By following intuitive hits, the bread crumbs, the universe nudging me, and the yellow brick road, I found and enrolled in Sheri Salata’s (author of The Beautiful NO and Oprah’s former Executive Producer) WRITE YOUR STORY/ TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE 12-week course that began this week.

This is profound for me. Maybe you can relate. I’ve been struggling with “Do I write a memoir? A book? (Ugh, seems hard) Who will be impacted? Who can I inspire? Will my in-depth story really matter when there are thousands of other stories that seem more powerful, blah, blah.

Ego has had its way with me far too long. I took the leap of faith on Saturday intuitively knowing Sheri Salata was the right mentor and muse to hang out with who will compassionately guide me down this deeply vulnerable path. I mean who doesn’t love Sheri and her remarkable vulnerability and story?! Not to mention her amazing talent as Oprah’s executive producer.

There are so many gifts to come of this that I am completely in awe of what will transpire. I’ve had a dream of expanding my writing talent, but was stuck in how and when. You, too?

I was also procrastinating to produce a video channel because I wanted to feel more connected to my heart. Well, this course will fit the bill! Here’s to opening my heart wider, bigger, and more authentic with the support of a writer’s community and Sheri the Queen of creativity!

What’s your next breakthrough for 2021? What will you take a leap of faith on knowing it is the right thing to do?  

I highly recommend visiting Sheri’s site for all her inspiring content AND she has her own IGTV channel where she interviews someone weekly about their Beautiful No. Curious? Find all sorts of jewels at her site including the book.

To your beautiful life,