Hello Creative,

If you love travel, this may be for you.

My references to “transformational travel” in my blogs, social postings, coaching sessions and conversations actually come from a real thing. It’s not a catch phrase. It’s a real concept with an elevated life intention.

Whenever I recommend to clients to take a few weeks off and go travel because they are either burned out or about to hit that stage, there is an intention behind my encouragement.

It’s to break their patterns, get them out of their routines and experience a new culture that requires them to see themselves differently. In that comes introspection and transformation!

Traveling and experiencing a new country changes you. It’s a life strategy, not just a vacation or escape from the demands of life. It’s a real thing. I have experienced this each time I travel to Italy. It evolves me. I expect and joyously invite transformation when I go this month.

Curious? Go to the Transformational Travel Council website to read their extraordinary purpose and check out their community that you could be a part of if it resonates with you. Their home page reads:

“The world is emerging from the pandemic with a new desire and appreciation for travel and we’re guiding the movement that maximizes the power of travel to positively transform how we live our lives, how we live with others, and how we live on our planet through education and community engagement.

Are you ready to answer the call?”

Membership is an option. I am checking it out myself. From that page: “Wondering what this is all about? Join us for a free 30-minute presentation on our Workshops and what you can expect.”

Now through end of December, they have several intriguing info sessions to whet your wanderlust appetite. Go for it!

Would travel be a part of your own new life design if you really took the leap to make it happen? I offer 30 min intro calls to discuss your next chapter and what’s possible. I am a big proponent of Following Your Joy as a guidance to what’s next.

Email my team support@marladiann.com to schedule your intro call.

Safe travels!