June 18, 2015 I delivered a compelling workshop named EVOLVE: Lead to Inspire.

My guest speaker was Mallika Chopra author of “Living with Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace, and Joy,” and daughter of world renowned mediation and wellness expert Deepak Chopra.

The room was filled with about 30 creatives from all walks of life. I was so beyond excited to bring to my community this new concept of Thought Leadership and how they can begin with their own industries and communities in changing the collective consciousness to inspire a new conversation online and offline. I was teaching how to be a thought leader brand to rise above the congestion and noise.

As good as the workshop was, intuitively and tangibly I concluded my community was not ready quite yet to embrace this profound platform for their own businesses and brands. They enjoyed the evening and got a lot out of the content but I could tell they weren’t quite sure what it all meant.

The operative word being, YET.

The time was not quite fertile for entrepreneurs to take action and evolve themselves and their business.

It’s an idea whose time has come now four years later.

And I am so excited to bring LIFE back into this enormously inspiring platform I was deeply passionate then and more so now!

So much that this will become not only the focus of my upcoming January two-day Visionary Intensive held at a soon-to-be-secured South Bay waterfront location, but this platform will be my new 2020 brand.

We’re talking website redesign, new brand photoshoot, and a higher level thinking platform.

The mid-January two-day Visionary Intensive is suited for 20-30 high level and critical thinkers, and innovators who want to learn to how to lead to inspire others as they build a stronger business platform.

It’s for entrepreneurs who crave change in their own business by re-igniting their genius zone and talents and deliver that to their clients. This is how you truly get paid for your purpose; not your time.

As part of this leadership platform, I’m encouraging you to enhance the way you attend events. Meaning, go outside your usual industry events and expand your circles of influence. Attend innovating, cultural events that test your way of thinking. Be open to meeting professionals outside your comfort zone.

For my local southern California people, LIVE TALKS Los Angeles is a great example of attending events outside your industry to expand your thinking and connections. Seek compelling people and ideas. Spark inspiration and lift your genius zone into higher gear.

I attended last night the Oscar-winning producer Brian Grazer’s talk about his new book “Face to Face: the Art of Human Connection” held at Writer’s Guild Theatre in Beverly Hills.

LIVE TALKS has a fantastic fall lineup celebrating 10 years of delivering thought leaders to the Los Angeles region. They attract other major names to the stage like Bob Iger on Oct 1 in Glendale, who will be talking about his new memoir “The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons Learned from 15 years as CEO at the Walt Disney Company” and Candace Bushnell, famous author and creator of Sex in the City, talks about her new book “Is there still sex in the city?”

She delivers a highly engaging talk about the highs and lows of navigating dating and relationships in your fifties via her fictional female characters on Oct 3.

Go to https://livetalksla.org/ to explore and buy tickets. Another inspiring entrepreneurial podcast nationally I recommend is NPR’s “How I built this.”

These can be the beginning of your rise to becoming a thought leader brand inspiring change and innovation in your own industry!

Let it be so,