Hello Creative ones,

I’m delighted to give you a peek into some of what I taught at my Creative Renewal Private Dinner training last month. Here are some profound thoughts about breaking your pattern in running your business – disrupting your approach – thinking differently.

We are being required today with the market saturation and constant innovation all around us daily – to make decisions differently and be more creative with how to disrupt the market we serve so we rise above the noise to be heard and seen.

Image credit: @cultivatewhatmatters

I am aspiring for you to THINK DIFFERENTLY about your creativity, how you approach challenges, business, and your innovation. Cultivating what matters is another example of creative living: simplified luxury.

By renewing your creative relationship with yourself, you open new pathways to thinking and innovation.

The truth is – throughout life we are not always influenced to think for ourselves and expand our creativity unless we are in an official arts program, college or specialized curriculum that focuses on that. I am a big advocate for education but creative thinking needs to be a standard in ALL school curriculum and corporate environments.

We are also inundated with systems, funnels, and formulas that make little room for our own take on its effectiveness. As a result, many of us have become “manufactured factory versions” of ourselves while making a living. Much in our daily existence contributes to the loss of our pure creativity. Stop the madness and take a step back to see if you are being creatively fulfilled.

All this said points to diluting our creativity. You have a choice, of course, to break that pattern and recalibrate to live and operate in your creative zone more often.

My solution is – by tapping back into your creativity, nurturing it, and paying more attention to the intuition of your creative spirit, you will begin the renewal process.
For example – when we are committed to adding more art, play, dance, song, writing, cooking, and gardening – virtually any artistic endeavor you may have placed on the shelf years ago – we will refresh our approach to business and life.

But it must be consistent. Not a few times a year. Over time, by paying more attention to your art and creativity, you will evolve and arrive at solutions and innovation differently and on a higher level.

Every week, make time for this. It’s your genius zone! Did you know Einstein would play his violin when he had creative blocks? By doing so – he unblocked his pathways for higher creativity and returned to his project.

What can you do to break patterns and live a more creative life?

A few examples of disrupting an industry by being more creative and innovative…

Audible.com is commissioning emerging playwrights to compose plays for the streaming service. Remember radio dramas from over 100 years ago? Think now for the digital age.

Netflix turned video rental on its head by streaming videos, movies and TV shows.

Uber changed the entire taxi transportation industry.

Wework exploded the office rental industry with the co-sharing concept.

Airbnb disrupted the hospitality industry with home and room rentals.

What can be innovated in your industry? How can you be the “first” in your industry to disrupt a pattern for the good of the whole?

Share with me your ideas.

We are taking applications for complimentary private one-on-one 45 min. strategy calls to see if you are ready to disrupt your business patterns and think more creatively. Please email support@marladiann.com and we will get your scheduled.

Have a blessed, luxurious week!