As a visionary, I am claiming 2021 as the year of reinvention.

It’s no secret many creative industries were hit hard in 2020. Wedding and event professionals had the rug pulled right out from under them. Speakers and workshop leaders had to quickly turn their clients and audiences into a digital version.Travel and hospitality industries came to a sudden halt.

Everyone has been pivoting in ways never imagined.

I honor you and all your colleagues who persevered and built incredible resilience.

 The silver lining, gift in the challenge in all this is old, outdated systems and structures are giving way to new, more conscious ways of operating and living. However, along the way, we lost loved ones which is heartbreaking.

 You have survived. You are here. It’s time for your enlightened reinvention.

 Let’s begin eradicating you of old mindset, old habits, old behaviors; whatever has been holding you in a pattern and preventing you from your next version of who you are to become in your creative business.

 Let’s live by H.O.P.E. – Helping others prosper and evolve.

 The best way to express my talents and love of humanity is to inspire and train you on how to reinvent yourself and your business on any level. Reinvention is the recurring theme not only in my life the last 25 years as an entrepreneur, but of all my clients.

 Reinvention can be a segment of your life, not everything all once.

 It can be your career, your business, your mindset, your money relationship, your health, your body, or your relationships.

 Either way, when we are courageous enough to reinvent a part of our lives, it will beautify all areas. A rising tide lifts all ships.

 I designed a comprehensive 5-day Challenge with my loyal, long-time client, Jordan Xu, a Luxury Wedding and Event Planner of nine years to guide you to find your own moment of truth – the “edge of glory”– when reinvention becomes your superpower catapulting you into a new level of success just like what happened to them (several times).

 We aspire for you to recognize intuitive guidance that no outside source can come close to helping you. This is a personal five-day journey shared with other creatives in a safe, nurturing, and inspiring environment.

 That’s enlightened reinvention – when you get quiet enough to listen – you feel it- and without hesitation, take action.

 We will go LIVE every day in our private Facebook community to take you behind the scenes of how we reinvented ourselves and our creatives businesses leading up to and in the middle of the pandemic.

 Trust me it was messy, uncomfortable, and not a walk-in-the-park.

 Your important role will be to take the challenges we give you to begin your own reinvention.

 The 5-Day Challenge Series is for you if:

  • You found a way to pivot last year that increased your creative business by 100-300%+ and you are in a whole new space of success you did not expect. The clients and money are rolling in daily. You know that your mindset, operations, and leverage need to change in order to sustain the growth.
  • You are wavering on the edge wondering which way to go. Your creative business was hit by the pandemic and you are open to ideas on how to reinvent yourself and how to run your business. It may be a two-millimeter shift or a full makeover. Either way, it’s time for a change.
  • You want a more enlightened path to reinvention rather than be stuck in fear, worry, doubt, and confusion.
  • In your creative business, you want stronger boundaries to create more freedom, more self-respect, better confidence, and higher value perceived by your clients and your industry.
  • You want to learn how to collapse the time-frame of achieving your desires and goals without having to work harder or experience burnout.
  • You hit a plateau in your career and you intuitively know are ready to manifest your dream business. You’ve begun with a few steps. Now what?
  • You want a healthier relationship with money that is blessed, trusting, and thriving, so much that you are rewarded well for your passion, purpose, and creativity.
  • You desire to be more empowered in how you think, feel and act with money rather than lack confidence, question your abilities, and feel disconnected from your self-worth and dignity. No more “just enough” syndrome or survival mode.

Registration for the free training and celebration launches this Monday 2/22. (Lucky 2). We’d love to have you join the journey March 8th-12th. Save the dates.

 Get ready for:

  • Five days of live training, never been told stories of struggle to triumph,
    proven strategies for personal and business growth
  • Bonuses, Gifts, Giveaways
  • High vibe community of like minds

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 Gratitude & Joy,