Hello Creative,

Given the conditions of the world today, I know this will add some lightness and heart to your day.

I pulled this wonderful missive from a post by a lovely woman in my animal communication, spiritual community. It’s a beautiful simple reminder of Gandhi’s “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

I hope this soothes you as much as it did me. Here goes. 

“​I was guided to share this because of knowing that I’m far from alone in feeling overwhelmed with everything going on in the world.

Tonight, on my walk, my Guides and I again had what I call the “ripple talk​.”​ I was feeling heavy because of everything going on so my Guides used tonight’s download to remind me of what my job is and isn’t.  

It’s not my job to fix.  It’s not my job to control.  It’s not my job to take on the emotions.  It’s not my job to understand the why.  All I’m meant to do, and it is PLENTY, is be a ripple.  

Every act of kindness, loving thought, loving action, energy of love I send to another or into the world, is a ripple.  Every ripple joins with the millions of other ripples being created by others awakened, including every single member of ​your communities​​.  

The ripples join together and create waves of consciousness, and THAT’s how “just 1 person” like me can effect change in the world. 

So, if you, like me, are feeling uncertain and overwhelmed at the world, join me and be a ripple.  Let’s create waves!”


Be the change.