Dear Creatives,

Woven into the fabric of America is the ability to manifest our vision into a business that can impact lives for decades and even leave a legacy, which is what I aspire for you.

Walt Disney was one of those American visionaries I will always hold close to my heart and be forever inspired by.

He’s the most iconic visionary in terms of positive impact on humanity using his genius and creativity. I am a Disney girl from the 60s. He and Disney are part of my own creative fabric. 

It is for this reason I admire and follow Bob Iger, former CEO of The Walt Disney Company. Humble, authentic, and integrity-driven scratches the surface of this remarkable leader. 15 of his 45 years working for ABC was being the CEO of WDC. His story is beyond fascinating.

The stories behind the scenes of how this man navigated Disney with over 200,000 employees worldwide and acquisitions during his leadership of some of the world’s most iconic brands – Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, LucasFilm, 20th Century Studios ESPN, ABC is deeply captivating.

It’s all told by him in his 2019 book, THE RIDE OF A LIFETIME. I highly recommend it. I read it last year and it sits on my desk to remind me of how amazing and inspiring his leadership was.

The first chapter takes you through his story of the enormous opening day of Shanghai Disneyland, an 18-year project costing close to $6 Billion. It reveals the true empathetic and humble man he is known for when he shares how he dealt with two devastating events that occurred during the opening.

The book and his approach to business are based on his 10 Leadership principles – read here. Jump into the book and allow him to educate, inspire and expand your own vision!


Have a spectacular week,