You are a creator. You can design and create your desired life. That next level; whatever it is for you. #miraclemindset

As it follows, the million-dollar question is: if you had no limitations or consequences, what would you be doing in your life right now? I know. It’s a big audacious question. How did it feel to you reading that question, though? What emotions came up?

Jot down the feelings and flush those out on paper or on your favorite writing device. Just allow your thoughts to flow. It’s a wonderful feeling to respond to that question.

When I heard that question yesterday while listening to my mentor’s husband share in our group coaching call, I immediately felt expanded, excited, and in wonderment.

This is a perfect topic for the next several weeks’ theme, #miraclemindset. Over the next few weeks of blogs and social media posts, I will support you in shifting your everyday thoughts and emotions to living in the miracle zone.

How I define the miracle zone is a living more often in a high vibration of creativity, expansion, abundance, faith, trust, gratitude, while partnering with Universal Intelligence. 

When we live in a miracle zone more often, we invite and attract our desires to manifest in physical form. How so?

Our feelings and thoughts dictate whether we are in the allowing mode or resistance mode of our desires based on the vibrational effect. 

The key is holding the feelings and thoughts AS IF that desire, that goal, that dream is already present and complete in your life.

Alternatively, when our dominant thoughts and feelings are more often in the absence of that thing, “not here yet,” we continue to create the lack of that thing.

So, this week, this month, I encourage you to live from a #miraclemindset when answering the million-dollar question, “if you had no limitations or consequences, what would you be doing in your life right now?”

I’d love for you to share your answer with me by responding to the email. And, please tag me on social media with #miraclemindset and a photo of what you would be doing if you had no limitations or consequences.

Here’s to an outstanding week where miracles prevail!

Abundant love,