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I’ve known the event host Elaine Wellman for over 6 years where we met at through our mentor’s year-long business program. She is a live event & retreat pro doing her genius with the “Event Mastery (& Biz) Swag Bag Giveaway” which showcases free resources to help you with:

  • Live Events & Retreats
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  • Copy & Content
  • Visibility
  • Creativity & Productivity
  • Soul- & Self-Care

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✓ Event Mastery Planning Kit

✓ 3 Tools to Help Your Get 3 New Clients or Sales in 30 Days

✓ The Roadmap to a Signature Talk That Converts

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✓ 17 Done-for-You Forms for Your Coaching Business

✓ The Ultimate Pitch Guide to Get Interviewed

✓ 90 Day Cash Infusion Blueprint

✓ Proven 26-Minute Webinar Script

✓ A Free Chapter of An Audience of One

✓ Batch Like A Boss Cheat Sheet: 20 Ways to Use this Biz Hack to Save Time (and Your Sanity!)

✓ Your Unignorable Launch Copy Kit

✓ Mastering Money Matters 3 Day Video Training:

✓ Brand Your Instagram Course

✓ Video Content Generator

✓ Transformational Book Launch Checklist

✓ Get More Sales Calls

✓ Copywriting Action Plan

✓ Soul Medicine: Tapping into the Infinite Audio Activation + Strategy Sheet

✓ 3 Costly Content Mistakes (That Repel Your Best Customers)

✓ Success Circles membership

✓ Earning Six Figures, Speaking for Free

✓ The Clean Up Your Life Checklist

✓ The Creative’s Achievement Formula

✓ 21 Ways to Find Speaking Engagements

✓ 7 Simple Ways to Apply The Rules of Self Love to Your Business

✓ Do’s and Don’ts of Enrollment for Retreats and Events

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