I do hope you are taking some time this summer month to reflect, reset, and reboot. I am. It’s crucial to our well-being that we make our downtime a regular part of our regimen. No excuses.

Self-care is core to my teachings. Your best work is done from a place of dignity, a rested mind, a rested body, and creative energy. We get there more often when we make our self-care a priority.

For a moment right now, take a deep breath, put down all your devices and feel gratitude for all you have done thus far in this challenging year in your business and life. It’s a “stop and smell the roses” moment.

How’s that feel? Did you do it? Go ahead. Stop for a moment. Catch your breath and take in everything that’s around you. Then, I want you to make a commitment to your well-being and choose a few items below to do this week and throughout the rest of the year. Promise?

Share with me in the comments which ones are your regulars and which ones will be new for you. These can be done either in-person or virtually given COVID conditions. Either way, I encourage you to make these a regular part of your life.

  • Take a 20-minute walk after a few hours of concentrated work
  • Go for walks in the morning and evening with yourself, spouse, friend or significant other
  • Take 20 minutes to listen to music and daydream
  • Take most weekends off
  • Take several week to two-week vacations throughout the year
  • Get regular massages
  • Engage in daily meditation, exercise and yoga
  • Take music or acting lessons just for the fun of it and connection to your artistry
  • Watch movies, concerts, and plays on YouTube, Netflix, or any other channel
  • Listen to comedy podcasts, watch comedy on Netflix or Ellen TV episodes
  • Listen to motivational podcasts and audios when driving

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Have a blessed week and be safe. Wear your masks where mandated.

Love, Marla