Let’s be real. In your life, whose rules are you following without asking “why am I still doing THAT?”

 One of the many blessings of 2020 and now 2021 is waking up to the notion – “says who?”

 Begin questioning the status quo and how you do things.

 We have a chance to really spring clean our belief systems with how we do life and live by our values.

 Ask yourself – “I am doing things this way because…”

Instead, let’s do life by design by cleaning out all the should, musts, and have tos – all the old stuff going through the motions.

In my current Money Transformation Program, I posed these questions to my clients to ask themselves,

1) What are the shoulds, musts, have-tos and rules I have set up that have been dictating my life far too long and what do I replace these with that are new, exciting, and out-of-the-box ideas that are good for my soul?


2) Am I placing my identity, value, and worth as to who I am in my career rather than who I am as a woman with beautiful values, families, and desires?

Here are a few compelling replies from client Rosie Battista, Queen of Card Decks, Your creative coach & card deck development expert:

 Question 1 replies:

“I had set up the rule that my course had to be a certain price limit. But I broke through that this month (in this program) and so excited about it!”


NEW RULE: NO, I DON’T. I realize that I don’t have to work more to make more money.  I starting being okay (and happy) that I am not working every second of every day.

Question 2 replies:

 “I think I have busted through the myth that I am not a successful entrepreneur and that I am defined by the amount of money I have.

I have always made money, just not the amount I wanted. Until now. That was my wealth consciousness and worth and that is an old story that I’m no longer holding on to as my story.

My current story is different. I am successful because I never sold my soul in exchange for a stable paycheck and always did what I loved as a creative entrepreneur working for myself.

So, for that I consider it a success, even if the $ was not in my consciousness for many years. IT is now… I hold respect and value for myself as a mother and grandmother, and my desire to create beautiful things and my God given talents to create beauty in the kitchen, in my home, in my drawings, in my decorating and dressing style. And my goal to be a grandma that brings love, attention and value to my grand babies.”

Let’s look at your own status quo mindset and explore how you can change things up in the next three months.

The first step is to request a 30-minute intro call by emailing support@marladiann.com. Place in the subject line “Status Quo call” If we find there is a synergy, I will invite you to an in-depth discovery call to further the discussion to explore what’s next for your life!


Together We Rise,