Truth: living a spiritual life is not always easy; but geez, it’s so worth the effort to create and then anchor in on your habits and rituals that keep you centered and responding rather than reacting to life.

I aspire for you to be peaceful, feel dignified and happy more often.

Weekly, clients tend to be hesitant to admit to me they were doing well with their gratitude journal each morning and catching themselves in the low vibe thoughts and feelings (ego); but then fell off the wagon for a few weeks.

I tell them I have good news. It happens to all of us! Your goal is to create a new normal with your habits. Eventually, over time you will get to the point when there is a major noticeable difference when you are NOT in your gratitude practice, judgment detox practice, and mindfulness activities.

Clients say, “I feel so much happier, deal with challenges more effectively and create positive things in my life when I do my spiritual practices daily.”

There is a spiritual solution to every creative challenge and desire.

The solution to this one is recommitting. Just keep recommitting to the habits and behaviors that help you feel peaceful, happy, centered, productive, and in high vibe!

It’s like all other good habits we desire to create. Recommit. Being spiritual and deepening your spirituality is a constant act of recommitting. But, the goal is eventually living the new normal where there is less need to recommit. It becomes natural way of living. I promise.

Gentle reminder: we will consistently be seduced by our ego to feel like we don’t need a daily spiritual practice. It sneaks up on you after weeks of being good in your commitment and intrudes upon your throughts…“You are ok. You’ve been busy. You can skip a few gratitude journal entries. You can skip meditation. You can give yourself a break from being in high vibe.” We negotiate our truth. We slack. That’s what ego causes; separation from our joy and separation from evolving. It’s normal but we must be aware it’s happening.

Ego is an analyzer and doubter. It is threatened by not having control of your life. It is restricting. Living in spirit is expanding. Ego wants us to judge and judge far and wide with ourselves and others to keep us separate. We feel drained when we judge. I find it feels like a “hangover” after I have been in judgment too long. I feel zapped. You, too? I catch myself and return to love. I’ll take a walk. Go to the gym or yoga. Shake it off. Then I feel centered and happy again. I speak slower. I’m less reactive. I feel lighter.

We all have ego and judgment. No one is exempt. The book Judgment Detox will rock your world. Get it and devour it. You will become deeply consciousness of your addiction to judgment and replace it high level habits and practices.

The leading new normal to create is how quickly can you come back to your spiritual core and relationship with your inner guide/Source/Spirit? As Gabby Bernstein asks, “What is your comeback rate?” How quickly can you go back home to love, faith, trust and gratitude after you have been living in separation and seduction of your ego?Our ego will be with us forever; however, these tools are here to help you recalibrate your habits to live MORE often in spirit with your higher power.

3 tips for recommitting:

  1. Catch yourself slacking in your practice or the act of disconnecting and judgment. Say one of these prayer statements over and over: “I bless myself and others with pure love and light” or “How can I be of service today and take the focus off of me?” or “I am grateful for what I have in this very moment.” Focus on your 3rd Chakra – Personal Power, navel center.
  2. Recommit to your practice by saying aloud “I will go back to feeling good by writing in my gratitude journal (x) amount of days a week.” Need ideas what to be grateful for? Here’s a long list:
  3. If you like the support of technology, read through this list of 24 best-habit tracking apps

Let me know if this was helpful.

I believe in you,