Blessed November! We made it. Two more months of 2021. How are you feeling about that? Check-in. What small and large victories personally and professionally can you be proud of? Truly make a commitment to list all the victories you are proud of for this year so far.

Then, see if you can relate with this.

I can forgo the celebration and acknowledgment of even the smallest successes because I am too focused on what needs accomplishing rather than truly being proud of what I have achieved at any given moment or over a period of time.

Then I can take it further and allow my ego-mind to seduce me into believing what I have done is still not enough and make myself crazy over what goals still need more attention! That my dear is called anxiety, unnecessary stress, and living far too much in the head, instead of our heart.

This is the scenario we find is pervasive in our lives and we wonder why we have challenges tuning into our intuition! We are so conditioned to live in our heads and forget we have this beautiful, laser, powerful tool to help us live harmoniously and joyfully in a grounded, centered way.

Here’s today’s message with action steps:

When I am uncertain what to do and STUCK in a problem with my head trying to figure it out identifying the reason the problem is there as I deep dive into dissecting the problem, I end up stressed, concerned, and far, far away from my intuition. (You with me?)

The “perceived problem” is the reason our intuition is blocked! Our sweet intellect swirling around in our heads is causing the blockage. Seriously! It’s time to shift and break that pattern.

Follow these steps to unblock your intuition and access it in order to get direction from your heart (intuition).

1. Empty out the garbage! Ask aloud, “What does my head say?” Say aloud all the reasons you are stuck and what is the problem. You are literally speaking aloud all the negatives about this situation. Keep emptying by it saying aloud all of it. If you want, have a partner you can trust to take you through this. When you have exhausted your list of reasons and logic about the problem, you are ready to do this next step.

2. Place one hand on your solar plexus power center (stomach) and the other hand on your heart. Take a deep cleansing breath. Shift your focus to your heart while holding your hands in place.

Then ask about the perceived problem and say aloud “What does my heart say?” Feel the vibe. The lightness, the grounded feeling. Listen quietly and then speak aloud what your heart says and keep asking the question. You will absolutely find your answer to the situation will be more aligned with kindness, no drama, good for all, trust, and faith.

That is heart-talk. That is intuition. That is how we get unstuck.

When we get out of our heads and into our hearts, we will find the answers and solutions. Give it a good try this week and let me know how it goes, ok?

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Have a beautiful week!