My gut, living and breathing truth.

I cannot reach the 1000s of women my heart and soul want to in order to inspire them to strengthen their relationship with their INTUITION, which is a doorway to their genius and joy, because it’s humanly impossible.

But what is possible is creating a collaboration of powerful women entrepreneurs globally who want the same enlightenment for themselves and others by spreading the word and taking a stand for the same message.

We are all ONE.

There is no separation from what we all desire. The only thing that causes separation is listening to our ego mind chatter rather than our intuition.

Are you willing to go beyond your own response to this topic and touch the lives of your girlfriends, colleagues, and community to be part of this movement to help women entrepreneurs be more connected to their SUPERPOWER (Intuition) more often and be more powerful, peaceful, integrated, happy, creative, and wealthy?

Mark my words – intuition is the door to your genius and joy.

If you felt a “nudge” in your heart or solar plexus (power center), here are simple steps to take that will be as easy as eating, sleeping, posting on FB, IG, and more:

1. Go to my Renaissance Woman private group page and request to join by clicking on this link.


2. Once we accept you into the group, get acquainted with all the inspirational content and posts by myself and members. Find the video training with the date of June 28 at 12:32 pm. You can watch it or listen to it as you walk, exercise, cook, garden, etc.

3. Comment any takeaways that were vital for you below the video. I give you my 8 Sacred Steps to Strengthening Your Intuition among other rich content about your genius zone traits, what prevents you from accessing it and how to blend the masculine and feminine energies and actions in your business during the FB training.

4. Then share your new wisdom on social media or text or phone with all your women colleagues and friends to help them strengthen their intuition and offer the link to the Renaissance Woman group page.

Now you are part of the “high frequency” solution for women to be in their superpower more often and how to access it.

(Link to the group page for your friends:

Remember this is a global movement – not “support Marla in her coaching business”.

This very topic, intuition, is by far the most desired skill women want to strengthen personally and especially professionally!

“How do I use THAT for my business success?” is a common question I hear weekly.

The second intention of the FB LIVE training a preview of my upcoming 2-Day Luxury Retreat scheduled for August 1-3 at the beautiful Westlake Village Inn Tuscan-inspired resort and winery. There is only room for 10 women. So as you can see, my global movement purpose far exceeds how many will be enrolled in the 2-day retreat.


Celebrating 10 years with 10 inspired, courageous,
intuitive creative women.
Lux Retreat. Sweet Spot. Genius Zone.
Creative Renewal. Fulfilling Life!

This 2.5 day lux retreat is one of many creations I designed from my genius zone – which is clearly my heartfelt, alive, joyful inner space that speaks to how I most want to impact your life and the world with my passion for empowering women like you who seek the same transformation.

This will be a highly curated luxury retreat requiring an application to be completed with your enrollment.

If you are curious and want to skip to all the details prior to the LIVE FB training – you are welcome to!

For all the retreat details – click here. (Don’t miss a word on that page. It’s a special message!)

If you have a close friend or colleague you feel is a right fit for this and you would LOVE to share this experience with her, please, by all means, send this info to her!

There are less than 10 spots now available for the right women. We have creative high-level women already confirmed as guests. Secure a spot before they are gone.

I look forward to meeting you in the FB page! Use this link to request to join my private FB Renaissance Group page to attend the training.

If you have ANY questions about the retreat after you read through the page, I am happy to schedule a brief call with you. Please reach out and we will make that happen!

To your superpower,