It’s a beautiful day to be alive! 

Late October I flew to Portland, Oregon for an incredible three-day training with Kristin Thompson, a high-level speaking coach, who builds leaders for the stage. Her system to build a talk, deliver it and convert it to clients and revenues is superb.

One of the more emotional moments in the training was watching this short video. Click here.  It demonstrates the power of the human spirit in the midst of failure.

  • What is the core of your motivation to keep going in the face of uncertainty?
  • What mindset or spiritual tools do you kick into high gear when your back is up against a wall in the pursuit of a long held desire or bold goal?

Do take two-minutes of your time to shift you into gear!  When you fall or fail, get back up, and rise again to win the race.

Then hop over to The Visionary 2-Day Intensive scheduled for January 15-16 in Redondo Beach, CA. We will dive into high level discussions how to rise above the density and begin your rise to becoming a thought leader brand inspiring change and innovation in your own industry. Early rates are good till December 1.

I’d enjoy your reading comments after watching the video. Post a reply below.

Gratitude & abundance,