Good day Creatives,

I gathered a few resources I created or found recently that may be of interest and help to you or someone you know going through this surreal pandemic. Who would have known? Loads of Blessings.

  1. Last week as part of my contribution to the mindset and collective consciousness, I created the social media movement, #lookforthegood. Please help move this forward while encouraging others to focus on the good everywhere. Let’s raise the collective consciousness to help the humanity heal so we can get back to some sense of normalcy.
  2. The senate’s $2 Trillion Coronavirus aid-package include the SBA Disaster Relief Fund, $10,000 small business grants, Paycheck protection program and the boosted Unemployment benefits that give an excess of $600 a week. Read the details.
  3. SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program to the qualified small business owners with less than 500 employees that are impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19. That includes a sole proprietorship, with or without employees, or as an independent contractor. Whether you get approved for a loan or not, by applying for the loan and as part of the aid package, you will receive a $10,000 grant not to be repaid. That’s a cash infusion of $10K to your business and life.  Here is the application link:
  4. A favorite — Kiva global micro-funding site for third-world countries now has U.S. business loan options due to the pandemic. It’s based on the crowdfunding concept. It’s quite interesting. If you know anyone that would like an unconventional loan from a strong, long-standing global mission-based organization, click here for details.
  5. Freelance sites vetted by L.A. Times Business section: FreeUp marketplace, FlexProfessionals and Skipthedrive.
  6. IRS filing and contribution to retirement funds extended till July 15.
  7. Part of the $2 Trillion-stimulus package allows Americans to withdraw from their 401k, IRAs and other retirement funds without penalties. Click here for more details.
  8. Healing meditation music and video at YouTube. In the morning or throughout the day as you work – have this in the background – it’s my favorite I listen to all the time. There are plenty more from this channel.

Hold the high watch. Say several prayers daily for all of humanity and know we will be out of this soon. I am here for you!

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Loads of love and gratitude,