Let’s chat about powerful women thought leaders and especially those who created something from nothing.

Brilliance in the making is always an inspiring story angle! Are you familiar with Rebecca Minkoff, global fashion brand and thought leader?

Her new memoir, Fearless, The New Rules for Unlocking Creativity, Courage, and Success tells her story how being a rule breaker and rebel set her on the path to her success. She writes, ” I never set out to be a rule breaker. It’s just that the old rules weren’t working for me, so I had to go out and make my own. If I had taken the safe route and always done as I was told, I’m pretty sure I would still be answering phones at my father’s office in Florida.” 

In the past 15 years her company has achieved over $100 million in sales. It takes chutzpah, deep belief, courage, curiosity and a big vision to go after your dreams. Not leaning on the status quo will take you quantum leaps.

So, is there something lurking unconsciously that maybe, just maybe, you are still waiting for someone to give you permission to ___________?

I dove into Rebecca’s book last week and found this compelling excerpt from her rule #1 Give Yourself Permission to Stop Asking for Permission. 

Before I give you the excerpt, let me say I know we are all grown, mature, very driven women and men and pretty much have our act together regarding this permission thing, but I wonder if we carry around something that still requires us to get permission to go after our dreams – or let go of what we are tolerating and replace it with something really joyful – or to do that risky thing that will catapult our life?

Just sayin’ Ok, here’s Rebecca’s excerpt. See if it resonates:

“We spend so much of our lives waiting for permission. As little kids, we ask our parents if we can do just about anything. We ask for snacks, for toys, or if it’s okay to go out and play. We even ask our teachers if it’s okay to go to the bathroom. (See a pattern here?) 

By the time we are adults, we’ve been conditioned to look outside ourselves for someone to give us permission to do even the little things. But do we really have to? No. The only person you need permission from is yourself. Look, if you want to wear something, wear it. If you want to try something new, do it. Go for it!” 

I say go for it! Throw caution to the wind and leap! I believe in you. Grab a copy of her book. We all need women’s empowerment stories to keep us sharp, innovative, and creative!

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To your audacious spirit,