Practicality can rob you of possibilities and the miracles destined to show up for you.

I know. Been there, done that as close as three years ago. No more.

It seems I spent a lifetime examining what I truly wanted vs. what I thought I wanted.

HUGE difference, right?

Now I make decisions by using my inner GPS (intuition) before I do anything important for my well-being and fulfillment. I craved that and have spent the last few years mastering this process.

Our intuition is the doorway to our creative genius zone.  That’s living in your sweet spot.

Our zone of genius comes from our creativity, an inspired place. It’s hard to be in that space when we are looking the other way at what we think we are supposed to be doing. No fault of our own. We weren’t trained to know it.

I encourage you to ask yourself if you have been negotiating your truth about your desires and when you would make them a reality.

Our own practicality will often rob us of our dreams, desires and building a business on our own terms. It’s a learned behavior we can transform. Practicality is often a disguise for your ego talking you out of that desire or dream. You know what I would say to that!

No settling in my world. Listen carefully within. Your “thing” either brings you joy or it does not. It’s that black and white.

When you can have your “no” be a solid no and your “yes” be a solid yes in any situation, you know you will have developed a deeper spiritual connection to your intuition.

I encourage you to stop being practical and be outrageous! Liberate yourself.

Join me in the belief we can collapse our time frame in living our best lives now, rather than next year or the year after that.

Say yes more often to what brings you the most joy and you will easily and gracefully be led to your zone of genius.

Let it be so,