Tithing to your favorite spiritual center that nourishes your heart and soul and/or giving of your time and treasure to worthwhile  causes you care about contributes to the healing of humanity as much as it brings good mojo into your life and business while it soothes your soul.

Feels so right!

Have you heard of KIVA.org? It’s a marvelous micro-lending organization for individuals, families and entrepreneurs in third world countries.

I’ve been lending money to women entrepreneurs participating in the organization for almost eight years now.

As a lender you sign up and browse the countries and people seeking loans for their businesses, families, etc. Then you choose who you want to lend money to. Upload your funds and the site takes care of all the money management. I usually give in smaller amounts. It’s quite honorable.  I always have my loans repaid and I keep re-investing.

My current woman this year is Thảo in Vietnam. Today I received another notice of a partial repayment of $1.39. They usually come in small amounts. The money has been helping Thảo purchase books, school supplies, and to pay the school fees for her children. It’s such a wonderful program! Feels amazing!

Share with me below what organization sings to your heart. Giving back is so healing.

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Gratitude & Joy,