This week is a personal story in ode to my Mom and all of you, who are mothers, have or had mothers, and grandmothers. Hope it inspires. 🙂

My mother’s inner strength was never very obvious to me. Although there were times she definitely surprised me with the way she expressed herself at various times or how she handled my father, who is not an easy man to live with.

I loved seeing those moments of courage and moxie. I’d share them with my older sister and we’d both be in awe that she had it in her.

Nothing more than last month in the middle of this awful pandemic where we were all shaken out of our secure routines into uncertainty did I see my mother’s deep strength that brought me to tears.

I received a phone call from her doctor around the third week of April while in the thick of all this global upheaval. His first words were “I have fantastic news!” Back in January, she was diagnosed with liver cancer. The whole family was majorly concerned given her age of 82. She has been on special chemo meds to shrink the tumors. I replied with, “Oh good I could use good news about right now!” He went on to explain her cancer markers back in January were 198 and today’s test results show 17.3. WOW.

(Photo: taken May 2, 2020 as I looked up at the sky via my phone camera. I see an Angel, do you? Miracles.)

Right then, I cried major relief, joy, and gratitude. It was such a testament to her inner strength and spirit. In only four months, this elderly woman fought cancer and won the battle! She still needs to continue the drugs, but the fact her body, mind, and spirit conquered this disease on some level in a short time proved to me how incredibly strong my mother really is.

(Photo: about 1968 with my sisters)

I immediately called her to celebrate and cry with her. In the middle of this pandemic with all the barrage of fear, worry, deaths, and more, this was the info that helped break through my bent up stress. It’s what I needed to let go and release. I told her how proud I was of her and amazed. In that moment, I had a newfound respect for this woman. One I will never forget.

So, in ode to all the Moms out there, I honor your unique strength to overcome challenges of all degrees and know you are loved deeply by your families.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!