Your evolution is waiting with miracles to bestow upon you!

Whoohoo! Celebration day! One month from Monday Aug 6 (on 9/6), I fly into the wild blue skies across the ocean to dreamy Rome, Cortona and Lake Como, Italy!! Booked my last segment of my two-week trip over the weekend after an outstanding 2.5 day retreat! I found a sweet Airbnb in the local village of painterly themed Varenna, Italy near Bellagio overlooking the gorgeousness of Lake Como.

Now I share this NOT be boastful – but to inspire you to do the same for yourself. I work tirelessly every day to empower women and men to give to themselves in a way they have denied for years even decades like myself. It took me a long, long 20 yrs. to finally honor my DESIRES (self-respect) and do something about my dream to live and work in USA AND Italy (and other countries). It came at a huge cost to my dignity and happiness until I had my mentor (a yr. ago) stand by my side and help me recover the dreams inside me.

As a result, I spent a month in amazing Florence, Italy last August (one yr. ago). Now I return annually or more to honor my joy. GO TRAVEL! It’s transformational and life affirming. NO more excuses. Ok?

It may be time to get real about your fulfillment and learn new habits behaviors and mindset around how you run your creative business so that you have a consistent profit and give back to yourself in ways of

  • quality time with self, family, friends
  • travel
  • clothes
  • spa treatments
  • shoes, and more!

Here’s the major shift in how to create a life and business you love:

Your desires FUEL the goals in life that create the results you want- NOT the goals themselves.

The challenge?

Unconsciously many of us have been imprinted that our desires are either wrong or are a luxury and can only be done if we have the time or money left over after all other things are done.

Here in lies the new normal and collapsing the time frame – you are not wrong.

You deserve your desires and you deserve them now not later.

Now I am the first to advocate work smart not hard in your creative business and have your income consistent through taking inspired action– work it! Be a good steward of your money, time and genius activities.

But your desires are no longer at the end of your to-do list when all things are checked off.

Do them now – use them as fuel for the goals – the travel, the clothes, the cooking school, the fashion courses, the trip to Italy, Paris, Thailand, etc.

Please stop giving to yourself conditionally – I will when…

Give to yourself now and often because your desires are meant specifically for you to evolve. Without making a commitment now to experiencing your desires – you prevent your evolution from happening and miracles happening that your restricted mind would never come up with.

My secrets to reclaiming your dreams and desires is through creative renewal – letting go of anything holding you back.

Julia’s Cameron’s words hit a chord for me during my own creative renewal “Remember, there is a creative energy that wants to express itself through you. Don’t judge the work or yourself. Let God work through you,”

Creative Renewal: 3 Vital Steps to Cultivating a Change That Thrives

3 Getting Started Steps to Creative Renewal:

  1. Listen to your discontent. It can feel like numbness in your heart. It disguises itself as fear, shame, or uncertainty. It feels like an inner nudge asking you to pay attention. Do not ignore this any longer.
  2. Be compassionate, loving, kind, nurturing and above all patient with your artist self. Ask it questions. Listen for answers. She (or he) is asking to be cared for just like a child needing attention and your presence. This is your entry to your magic. Be consistent; no matter what. There is pure transformation on the other side that will delight you.
  3. For two weeks consistently, take your pen to a journal and begin to write and write and write about the discontent. No judging. Just pour it out on the page after page after page. Let it flow. Don’t make light of this. Make time. Do it early morning before the world interacts with you.

As you seriously take these three steps, life will become more alive, playful, vital and certainly more peaceful.

You can hear my personal story how ALL this came to be – at

It’s time.

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