As you build momentum in your business or career for the new year, let’s look at money and the condition of your wealth consciousness (habits, behaviors, beliefs).

Think for a moment, what has been your most recurring thoughts about money lately?

  • Desiring higher revenues more consistently?
  • ​Treating yourself to more luxury more often instead of being too practical most of the time? (Masculine vs. Feminine energy)
  • Paying off debt? Raising your credit score for buying power?
  • What about your feelings ​while creating income and/or revenues? Is it joyful, or does it​ ​​drain you and leave you unmotivated because it’s too hard, and maybe you are not in your genius zone enough?
  • What about the BIG audacious goal of making your annual revenues monthly? That’s serious wealth consciousness and being open to several channels of income, not just from your business or career. Imagine.​ This is a major stretch for most but surely exciting! ​

Today and for the next seven days, I aspire for you to be very conscious about your recurring thoughts. Just like you log your food while changing eating habits or log your exercise habits to increase your frequency, do the same with your money habits, behaviors, and beliefs. Log daily your thoughts and feelings about money.

After you have noticed a pattern in any of those three categories, compose and ​​then claim a NEW normal around that condition or situation by turning it into a positive​ if it needs it; or affirm and increase a bold money habit, behavior, or mindset goal you are working on.

These questions will help:

1. Ask yourself, what is my intended next new normal? ​By when?​

2. Begin a list of all the things you desire to become normal in your life as a result of that new level of money.

Hint: Consistent abundance mindset and belief come first (especially in times of uncertainty). Prosperity then shows up physically in many forms as long as you take action accompanied by the mindset.

I’d love to know your answers to 1 & 2 by posting below in the comments. Did this exercise reveal some truth you would like transformed?

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The first step to transformation is awareness.

Be extra kind to yourself,