The holiday spirit is still alive! Decorated the house this weekend. Feels cozy!

We may not be able to travel to our favorite destination or see much of family this holiday, but we are hopefully on our way to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with the first round of vaccine shipments being delivered across the country starting today.

This last week was probably the most challenging emotionally and mentally since March. The pandemic finally took its toll on me. I was in burnout from not having a quality of life I’m accustomed to in terms of human connection.

So, what did I do?

I reached out to my longest known friend from high school. We had a falling out last year, so I called to make amends and request to start a new, improved relationship after 48 years.

 During our vulnerable, truthful conversation, an amazing healing occurred for both of us. My heart opened up and the numbness from the burnout lifted. So grateful to have my best friend from high school back in my life. Our relationships are so precious.

All this to say, I believe the enormous change going on is requiring us to heal ourselves and relationships perhaps like never before. The negative energies are being brought up to cleanse and make room for new. It’s liberating and all so healing.

Perhaps there’s a relationship in your life that needs mending? Take the leap and trust. It requires deep courage but it’s worth your happiness. 

Five profound reasons why making amends with relationships is vital to our well-being: 

1) You clear out the negative energy and create completion in your life. This up-levels the other areas of your life. Not so obvious places: money, health, other relationships, spiritual, business, and career. A rising tide lifts all ships.

2) You deepen your self-love. The healing is spiritual. Personal relationships are meant for your evolution. Furthermore, you uplevel the collective consciousness because we are all one and connected. 

3) You become humbler and more relatable. The humility to ask for forgiveness and an apology will open your heart from its numbness and spread more love in other ways to other people.

4) You open the channels of creativity and inspired action with grace and dignity.

5) You manifested a miracle. Any healing between humans is a miracle.

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Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!!