Why would knowing your “money personality” be important to your overall bottom line in business? How would the details of a money personality assessment be of benefit to you?

Well, here are examples.

Q: If you are known to be careful to always live below you means and be very disciplined in how you spend your money, in what way does that personality trait not serve you? (The positive aspect of that trait is obvious; but the other side of it causes potential lack)

A: Your frugality can keep you from opportunities that could be a win-win for you personally and professionally. Being too careful can stop you from risk taking. Feeling guilt or doubt could stop you from investing in you and other forms of ROI.

Q: How would your high level drive and ambition that makes you a visionary who is capable of making significant income become a liability?

A: This personality trait can prevent you from enjoying life in the moment and neglect important relationships. There is a happy medium and consciousness required to shift this.

Q: You are known as being clever, flamboyant and charismatic. Your creativity when it comes to generating money is amazing. You even structure deals and handle financial complexity naturally. Why can these traits be a challenge at times?

A:  Your “taking risks” personality can lead to up and down income due to inconsistent “bread and butter” revenues. You go for the BIG wins and lose sight of the practical approach to consistent income.

Q: How could being of service to humanity that often inspires you to share your financial resources as one of your leading personality traits be a liability sometimes? 

A: What you see as selfless generosity can easily create enabling relationships and problematic boundaries and you compromising your own financial stability.

These are the tip of the iceberg of a long list of insights you are made aware of in a money personality reading. Then imagine learning your pattern of power which contains a complete set of stories, beliefs, motivation, and courage, while it gives you direction in making choices that help you live a life you love and help you step forward as a leader in your business or career?

By taking my assessment (free), and scheduling your private 1-1 money personality reading, we will reveal how to help you eliminate long-held issues regarding money, create an understanding and connection in your personal relationships, and to help you move forward freely with creating and keeping more money.


I was certified in 2010 as a Money Breakthrough Method Coach and then in 2015 as a Sacred Money Archetype Coach under my previous mentor, Kendall Summerhawk. This info is fascinating and the content I mentor is incredibly life changing. Go to my results page to get proof from clients.

The power of knowing what behaviors, habits and mindset you currently have that may be keeping you from excelling in your income and saving money, is worth the time to find out. You could be an accumulator, ruler, maverick, romantic, nurturer, alchemist, celebrity, or connector money type.

All you need to do is complete my assessment and schedule a Zoom call to have a complimentary reading. You will arrive at three main archetypes that we will dive deep into for a very inspiring and intriguing conversation.

Go ahead, download the assessment now and then send an email to support@marladiann.com to request a day and time to schedule your private money personality reading.

Here’s to making wise money decisions and feeling confident and dignified!

Yours truly,