Happy Gorgeous May 1st!

Creatives, I know you understand some of the leading sustaining qualities of being successful in business are resilience and innovation – in other words, reinvention is key to staying current, fresh and alive to your audience.

To be relevant and innovative, we must be open to change and disrupt our own patterns and renew our services to fill the needs of our evolving markets.

In my success and business coaching, I come from a holistic approach where personal and spiritual development, business and financial coaching all make for a dynamic powerful formula for success.

This comes from the truth that we are integrated human beings. Personal growth always precedes business growth.

I always start a new year by asking for inner guidance during my meditation practice to connect with Source asking – how can I serve my clients even better this year? Is there anything to do differently? I get answers sometimes directly and the other times they come in form of what shows up in my space.

So this year like all others I asked the same question.

What began to show up in my space in the last few months were requests for life and spiritual coaching around clarity of purpose, manifesting, deepening spiritual growth and practice, mindfulness, and how to handle life’s challenges with more ease and grace.

I love personal and spiritual development as much as money relationship coaching and business leverage coaching. I am so delighted to now add this to my signature programs in how I can best serve clients and humanity.

I’m no stranger to spirituality! I spent the last 23 years on a spiritual path that has served me well. I don’t know how I would have ever survived single parenting while running a business, breast cancer, dating, reinvention in 2008 starting my coaching business in the middle of a major recession, and all the required personal evolving in order to operate a human potential business in last 11 years – without a devoted spiritual practice.

I call it a miracle!

All this to say, I have a few spiritual books I HIGHLY recommend for your spiritual growth that will completely change how you respond to life, engage with life, and manifest your desires. They are both by Gabrielle Bernstein who has built a remarkable coaching business and brand around living a miraculous life using spiritual principles to guide your way. She follows the principles of “A Course in Miracles” with her own twist and spunky approach of #spiritjunkie.

May Cause Miracles: A 40 Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness. This is a mainstay on my nightstand for morning and evening reading and meditating. I’m currently on my 3rd time reading it! Fantastic.

Judgment Detox: Excellent read in how to cease giving power to your ego and return to faith, trust, gratitude and higher vibration more often in order to manifest your desires and goals. She teaches through her own spiritual growth stories around judgment, separation, and ego-centric behavior. This kicks butt!

And she has dozens of YouTube videos with meditations and teachings. Let me know how this helped you today.

Ready for a spiritual mentor to hold you accountable for a  deepened spiritual practice, navigating life more gracefully, clarifying your purpose, or how to put more play back into your life?

Let’s talk. support@marladiann.com for a 30 min intro call.

Here’s to your enlightenment and happiness!