Hello Creatives!

My vision as a mentor to creatives is to raise their mindset and recalibrate their behaviors to develop leaders in their industries who are role models of:

  • Abundance mindset
  • Wealth consciousness
  • Courage
  • Creativity
  • Compassion
  • Collaboration
  • A healthy money relationship
  • High achievement
  • No excuses attitude
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Dignity
  • Business on their terms
  • Innovation

I know many of you share the mindset – we thrive based collaboration; not competition, and inspiring success and fulfillment with like minds and hearts.

As my clients progress in their programs, I am on the lookout for early results to not only acknowledge them personally in their achievements to support the continued momentum, but I take it a step further and edify them in front of their peers and clients for good reason.

I desire for them to be role models of leadership.

David Krieger of Krieger DJ|MC Company is one of those I can proudly and confidently say is on his way. In the first three weeks of his Creative Entrepreneur Success Mentoring program, not only did he promptly make behavior, habit and mindset changes that resulted in stronger boundaries, a new self-care routine, and an upgraded wealth consciousness, but he booked his FIRST premium DJ package within a week of us redesigning his rates and packages. Now that’s a man on a mission to succeed!

One of my core tenets is helping clients make decisions based on an inner GPS system. I take my clients through my trademark process to identify their top 5 core values. David explained it so well during one of his sessions…

“I have been thinking about my Core Values with the more future-forward mindset, and so I decided to re-prioritize them. These are the values that I WANT to be driving my business and personal life, whereas the old values reflected my past state-of-mind.”

Those are well spoken words of a leader.

Photo credit: Venue: SLS BH Hotel  |  DJ Booth: Theoni Collection  |  Calligraphy: @calligkatrina

Another remarkable change early on in his program was his new ability to understand his value and worth. He’s no longer negotiating trades and low rates “just to get the gig.”

I could go on with a longer list of his many other quick accomplishments, but I will wait for round two to share with you later!

The message today – how committed are you to what you say is important? Your actions will tell the truth.

Who’s inspired to join David in a group of innovative and driven leaders willing to show up as a role model? I’d be honored to tell your success story. It begins with filling out an application and scheduling a clarity call to see if you and I are a fit. Click here to begin.

In my world, we lift each other up as we climb.

Success is all yours,