The secret to building your business around your lifestyle

Good day!

It’s three weeks into the New Year. How’s it going? You cramming your days with meetings, client servicing, marketing plans, social media post schedules, working with your VA team, etc.?

That’s all good, however be careful of not being seduced by all the details and remember to work ON your business more than IN your business. Can you make that a promise to yourself for 2019?

The true secret to building your business around your lifestyle (not the other way around) is less is more by focusing on only a few high pay-off activities and projects at one time to make the biggest impact for your revenues. Get rid of all unnecessary projects that are disguised as looking important 🙂

Case in point: I was forecasting, visioning, and planning my year over last weekend. I had to stop myself in mid-planning to remind me to not get caught up in all the details with too many activities to generate revenues. I was getting that all-too-common feeling of overwhelm and stress and pulled the plug on that fast!

Less is more. Simplify.

  • Will you raise your rates to take on less clients?
  • Will you hire an “A-List” virtual assistant/operations manager so you can delegate more to work less on the minutia and more on your genius?
  • Will you eliminate all those extra “busy” activities so you can work smarter; not harder?
  • Will you calendar in those non-negotiable times for you, self-care, fun, play?

You know the drill! Make it happen. Simplify is the word for 2019.

Email me for a snappy talk about simplifying your business focus.

Let’s do it together,