Jordan’s inspiring entrepreneurial story represents without a doubt the most common challenges and frustrations I see in my women business owners by the time they seek out guidance to up-level their business.

They know they are not making the revenues they could. They know they have blind-spots preventing their personal and professional success; and have no idea how to navigate it or solve it.

Jordan’s profound transformation in less than five months after seven years in business is clearly one of the top women success stories I have witnessed in my 11 years of coaching creatives. (Credit: Rebecca Cerasani Photography)

This bright, savvy and highly talented wedding planner of Wedding Belles based in Atlanta went from languished uncertainty about her worth and value to commanding higher fees and getting them, solid win-win boundaries for herself and clients, and a newfound confidence she wears beautifully!

“The three most profound mindset changes from being coached were standing in my worth, believing that I am an expert in my industry, establishing and maintaining boundaries with my clients. These allowed me to make decisions that up-leveled my business and protect me as a business owner and professional.

I now understand how saying no to taking on a potential client who does not value me as an expert is a gift I will always be grateful for. I do not allow clients to talk me into discounts. I manage my clients’ expectations about my availability by allowing myself time to recharge so I can live and work in my genius zone while giving my best to my clients,” says Jordan.

Jordan came to me after seven years in business knowing she had plenty to offer but knew she lacked confidence in her value and worth. We began exploring her wealth consciousness and money story.

By all accounts her combined entertainment and theatre background with her previous years planning experience should have been a solid foundation to help her excel at her wedding business. Running a business and being creative are two very separate entities that I help integrate into a
solid worth, value and new belief system.     (Credit: Altmix photography)

“Prior to the program, I would often take on other people’s money story (their wealth consciousness) when composing a rate quote. I would come up with a number I think they could afford rather than what I was worth. This meant that I was not owning my worth, and instead allowing this to get in the way of my success. I would only quote at the low end of a package range, and found it hard to increase my pricing.  I did not truly believe I was worth the increased prices. Now, I stand proudly behind my package pricing!”  remarks Jordan.

While closely observing their habits and behaviors as I help establish their new worth and value, we use my qualifying signature sales system to obtain tangible results to anchor in their belief and mindset.

“The sales funnel I now use made a world of a difference in how my team and I initially interact with potential clients, how we quote them, and how we successfully close the sale. While we had our own sales system in place, it often led to us chasing clients down. Now, we offer a special rate within a certain window of time and we are closing more deals because of the boundaries we have set around the sales process. I did raise the rates for higher income for my company and have seen fantastic results!

This excited wedding planner is well on her way to being paid her worth with consistent higher revenues while servicing her luxury clients with plenty more creativity and joy! AND, she’s getting married soon to the love of her life!  (Credit: Laura Stone Photography)

“Since implementing the new rates and the sales funnel system, I have experienced my highest month of income in my seven years of business at $14,000 in just one month.

And we are on track to hit almost that amount again this month. I have booked five full package clients at my new rates for next year and am seeing the results. I am owning my place in the industry as an expert and have had the confidence to put myself out there – this has resulted in being quoted in an article for Martha Stewart Weddings, and having a wedding published in Modern Luxury Weddings Atlanta,” smiles Jordan.

Is it time to finally honor your worth and value? Let’s talk.

It’s all possible,