I don’t know you but I am ready to finish the last half of the year feeling vibrant, ALIVE, happy, accomplished, confident, validated, and fulfilled! Right?!!

Speaking of fulfilled…I have an inspiring story to share about a client that brings home the deep importance of making choices that are in alignment with your top values and what is most important to you.

The Backstory:

This group program client is in her 1st year of business. She is VERY creative and extremely passionate about her business. I call her a visionary to the word go! But she battles with old habits and behaviors around confidence and her money relationship (power) so much that she felt she had to take a job this past month to bring in more income as she continues to build her dream business.

She did the smart thing and appointed a few appropriate people on her team to oversee the daily tasks and sales as she does her new day job. She is juggling both – being an employee and an entrepreneur. Not good. Before I could dissuade her from taking the job a few weeks ago, she said yes prior to talking to me. Review this and see if she’s now paying the price.

Here’s her message to the group today…

“I have to come clean. Since I got this job, I feel miserable, depressed, and self-loathing. I haven’t been this unhappy since the last job 2 years ago. Daily I try to tweak my mind to the positivity, my set boundaries, what I’m doing this for, but I get shoved into my cubicle and can’t breathe.”

My response:

“I knew this would happen. Giving you a BIG virtual hug. We miss you. You have not kept your agreement with yourself by staying connected with us and your support group. We care. You have been unfortunately seduced by the job and probably all the “guilt” stuff that comes with wanting to make time for your own passions.

Here’s the good news – you are a confirmed visionary, entrepreneur, and ALL OUT brilliant woman! This experience is illuminating and validating all that you are passionate about and what you are NOT. This is a beautiful example of living in alignment or NOT living in alignment with your top values.

It’s confirming you need to do what you were brought to this earth to do. And it’s not sitting in a cubicle supporting someone else’s dream and revenues. As your coach, I am not going to sugarcoat this. I want you going after your dream like never before. That’s when the money comes; not from a job.

One of many ways we get stuck in “Divine Discontent” is when we do something just for the money and no alignment with who we are and our dreams. I have had many clients over the years use this unhappiness as a life force energy to make 110% commitment to make their entrepreneurial dream the most amazing company they know.

So….your company can be the MOST amazing company in the (—) industry. Now go do your dream and we’ll all be on the sidelines cheering you on with love!”

Here’s a little challenge for you this week…. Ask yourself where are you “negotiating the truth” about being aligned with your core values? In other words, what needs recommitting to in your actions? Refresh your commitment to your values and decision making. All of this cements you into an authentic, GLOWING woman entrepreneur who is totally on-brand. You live it. You shine and everyone can feel it!

Once you know what you need to tell someone about your goals. If you feel so inspired share them with me by posting your goals on Instagram and Facebook using #MarlaDiannBrandChallenge. Tag me so I can give you some social media love.

I so believe in you!

You can make your dreams comes true with a whole lotta love, passion, belief and DIVINE right action!!

Until Next Time,