With fall coming up, a new season is upon us. And, with a new season comes an opportunity to reset.

I challenge you to compose a current success metrics list and give it the litmus test to see if your metrics are society driven or values driven.

In other words, are you living your life without questioning if you are on automatic living by status quo or living by making decisions based on your own true values?

Seriously, look at your routines and habits that you think are helping in gaining success, but you may not have questioned whether you really want to do them or are they unconscious shoulds.

For example, do you look for validation of your brilliance based on how many likes you get on Instagram or Facebook? Or do you base your validation on the people you have in your life who are at your side no matter what and vice versa?

Or, do you base your constant “hustle productivity” mode as a success metric rather than how much living you can do rather than always working? (I keep on eye on this one all the time for myself).

In my vulnerability, I speak my truth in a 90 second birthday prayer IG reel that I posted on Sunday as my reset and a new commitment to living an epic life kicking off on my birthday Aug 27.  

And, a follow up reel continuing to reveal of my truth that is felt by the modern day evolving woman. 

 Join me designing our lives together. 

I would love it if you would send me your starting list of what you will reset as your success metrics to live by. Truly, this is a wake-up call you will be glad you took action on.

When we examine our unconscious behaviors, we prime ourselves to begin the transformation. Ask yourself what can come of living a life by design vs default? 

Here are potential results that can show up in our lives when you commit to living a life by design rather than by default: 

  • A refreshed, evolved personal brand for your business. Our brand is who we are, not what we do. What message and vibe are you putting out in the world?
  • A deepened relationship with your higher power and spirituality.
  • Drawing experiences and opportunities to you rather than in the constant, hustle pursuit.
  • Working less and living more.
  • Healing of your money programming so that you open the flood gates of prosperity.
  • A new perspective in your relationships so that you own your power rather than give it away. You master being the woman who does not get triggered by people, places, and things.
  • Dropping the programming, conditioning, and layers of behaviors that are keeping you from being disconnected from your dignity and abundance.

This is my personal epic life list. Is it yours, too?

I’d love to be your sounding board. It begins with a conversation to explore.

Go here to answer a few questions to schedule our chat.


To your epic, well-lived life,